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YMMV: System Restore
  • Broken Base: Was Sonia portrayed in-character just before her death? Opinions differ. The author went back and revised the relevant chapters in order to address this: while originally she fully assumed a Queenly Mask and showed No Sympathy to Kuzuryuu, the rewrite has her still smiling and trying to comfort the others and being far more sympathetic towards Kuzuryuu and Pekoyama. More emphasis is placed on the idea that she felt she had no choice, whereas the original version had her declare she consciously made the decision to kill Pekoyama and still regarded it as the best choice.
    • Apparently, Chapter 3, Part 5, in which, among other things, Souda gets the despair fever and wears Sonia's clothing, was controversial enough for the author to remove and rework it.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: Togami's Armor-Piercing Question, when it becomes clear exactly how Sonia-san answers it.
    • The original versions of part 5 of chapter 3 had shades of this since both of Saionji's favorite victims, Mikan and Souda, were murdered at once making all of her past actions towards them much worse. Souda had the secondary issue of being explicitly labeled as a Sacrificial Lamb doomed to suffer an early death by both Saionji and his own Japanese character profile as a meta-joke in Dangan Ronpa 2, which made it being his actual fate here seem much less "funny".
  • Heartwarming Moments: See its page here.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Check here.
  • Tear Jerker: Has its own page here.

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