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The microbot swarms are working for another group of survivors in the "Space Hulk" dimension.
They're stealing power from functional electronic devices. While they could be using it to power themselves, they could also be gathering it to transfer it to a main ship to keep the ship running and the survivors on board alive.
  • It's irrelevant now. They're no longer in the Space Hulk dimension, and it was never stated one way or the other.

The "AA" psychics are in a Cuckoo Nest.
What better way to deal with a world full of metahumans? The Hive Mind learned its lesson with the Nerima Wrecking Crew - abducting Ranma and his allies simply made X-Com aware of Supernatural Martial Arts. Why do the same to demons, magical girls, garage super-scientists, etc... when all it takes is a few subtle memory tweaks and a hidden Ethereal or two to make X-Com lock up all of Earth's native superhuman assets and drive them insane by insisting they're insane - and them and their tasty DNA will remain safely on the moon base until the aliens invades en masse. Nice Job Breaking It, Hero.
  • Doesn't work well; the aliens' experiments (including the free range psychics) are far older than the six months or so since X-COM and the Mind discovered the Nerima Wrecking Crew, and it's likely that X-COM has been dealing with the psychics since before the Mind considered X-COM an actual threat; rather the aberration of the abilities of the Neriman martial arts communities moved the Mind to act unusually in that case. Of course, that doesn't change the fact that stuffing all the powerful psychics you can find in a loony bin on the moon may still be a handy way to drive the sane ones over the edge...

When the Hive Mind started conquering, they were just the Sectoids, an empire of mad scientists who enslaved and experimented on other species. Then they tried to enslave the Ethereals and lost. In the process, the Ethereals became as amoral, bloodthirsty and entitled as the Sectoids. After the Ethereals seized their databases and technologies, they continued conquering and enslaving and experimenting due to the xenophobia they developed in the course of defeating the Sectoids. If Humanity doesn't start caring that they're becoming exactly as monstrous as what they are fighting, they will simply take the Ethereals' place atop the hierarchy and continue the cycle. This might even be an intentional element of their civilization: a Social Darwinist Batman Gambit - lose to them and become their cattle, defeat them and make them even stronger as their new leadership. Heads I Win, Tails You Lose.

The aliens are the Anti-Spirals.
...Only smarter. Instead of trying to break the wills of the spiral races, their attacks are carefully tailored to make the defenders break their own. You and your fellow soldiers are cannon fodder; don't cling to life when there is a mission to accomplish. Your loved one could converted into a Trenchard at any time; don't get attached so watching what's left of them suffer doesn't break your concentration. There are no super-heroes, just psionic puppets; lock them up and torture them so they can't get in the way. Your ethics prevent you from learning about your enemy's capabilities; abandon them so you can tear secrets from their flesh. Your strongest soldiers have brutalized themselves for their entire lives to become strong; Misery Builds Character, and everyone should embrace it. The result is a species that could never understand Spiral Power.

Psychic interrogation is always hyper-traumatic Mind Rape.
It's just that XCOM erases the short-term memory containing the rape when they perform it on humans to spare them the trauma. But by the time they decided not to vivisect Starfire, the window had already closed as it had become part of her long-term memory.

Tresspasser is not from the Teen Titans' universe.
The Teen Titans in The Titans and the Lost Boy and Dark Titans are the incarnations of them from the tv show. Meanwhile, Tresspasser seems to be from the comic book universe. While there's a lot of overlap characterwise, even the X-COM universe from The Road To Cydonia has some characters in common with Dark Titans. The point being that if the Titans try to get home by going to Tresspasser's universe, it's not going to work.

Time Travel was involved with the dimensional incident in chapter 1
When they arrived in the X-COM universe, the Titans discovered they were a year into the future. This isn't because the dimensions are misaligned timeline-wise. The reason Robin hasn't put together a rescue team for them is because he did. But since they went into the future, the Titans literally vanished from existence for a year, and thus could not be found because they didn't exist anywhere. Or alternatively, the dimensions are misaligned and they went back in time, in which case the reason he hasn't searched for them is because they haven't left yet.

Slade's new apprentice is Kodachi.
  • Slade mentioned having a new apprentice a few times when he showed up.
  • When he was fighting Shampoo, he said that she had the second most potential of all the girls that ever pursued Ranma Saotome. Shampoo responded that she was superior to Akane and Ukyou, and that they were the only competition. Slade answered with an evasive response.
    • Slade really shouldn't know anything about Ranma, what with having died before Ranma or any other members of the Nerima Wrecking Crew had any interaction with Jump City.
All this indicates that his new apprentice is someone that has information regarding Ranma Saotome and his fiancees, and is probably one herself. Furthermore:
  • In Dark Titans, it was established that Kodachi went missing after the explosion at the end of The Titans and the Lost Boy.
Therefore, the most likely person for this is Kodachi.

Jinx is going to pull a Face-Heel Turn.
In The Titans and the Lost Boy and Dark Titans, Jinx pulled a Heel-Face Turn because she felt guilty for what the Headmaster was doing to Ryouga due to being in love with him. Jinx was in love with Ryouga because the Headmaster brainwashed her. Raven undid the Headmaster's brainwashing. Already we're seeing signs of her reverting to form, complete with a comment that she "can't remember why (she) joined the Titans". All this seems to be leading up to a Face-Heel Turn.