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Sissy, Charlie's mother, is Neutral Evil.
She seems to not care about her husband's feelings when it comes to cheating on him, she mainly thinks about herself most of the time, and there is a probability that she will try to force Charlie to be straight while acting like she "wants the best for her daughter." In actuality, Sissy wants Charlie to be straight because she's worried about her own image. Did I mention that she is willing to corrupt others if they don't accept her advances?

Elizabeth secretly hates her children.
She doesn't act motherly at all, and takes little interest in helping her children.

The cultures represented by the characters' species.
  • Obvious/stated
    • Mice are Jewish
    • Otters are Irish
    • Hyenas are African/African-American
    • Raccoons are Native Americans
    • Red Pandas are Japanese
  • Unclear
    • Dogs seem to be very general. Germans, French, Russians, Hispanics, and Arabs are all portrayed as different breeds of dog.
    • Cats have never been addressed. They are definitely Anglo, but Dogs seem to have most of Europe, so maybe English or Scandinavian. Vietnamese are also portrayed as Siamese Cats.
    • Rabbits are probably Italian. Most rabbit characters are Catholic. Irish has already been taken, so the only stereotypically Catholic culture left is Italian.
    • Koreans/Chinese are Panda-ish.