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Fridge: Original Life

Fridge Brilliance

  • During the arc wherein Aron pretends to be a woman in a lesbian relationship with Trixie to get close to his latest crush Audrey, a drunken Trixie brags about Aron and "her" sexual prowess. Her comments, while obviously trying to make Aron sound presentable, are also a Call Back to her relationship with Beth (especially the parts about being shy in appearance and being "a bit butt-obsessed"). It's even more apt to realize that the hairstyle she gave Aron to make him look like a girl is also reminiscent of Beth's.

Fridge Horror

  • Original Life is a comic with Funny Animals, so there are a few breeds of dog hanging around, and one is a doberman. With sheared ears.
    • Extreme body-mods (bisected tongues spring to mind) are becoming increasingly popular among humans these days, it's possible it's just the dog equivalent. After all, in an early Kevin & Kell strip, Rudy was bugging his mother for a bite-notch in his ear ...
      • How often do you see 10-year-old children with extreme body mods? It's more likely Jay has never seen what a Doberman's ears naturally look like.
    • Also, consider the Muffins Arc. Besides one brief mention of the teachers not being happy with a student practicing vigilantism on bullies, there's no signs of any adult authority. The arc ends with a full-blown student riot, as a kid is attacked and his muffin stand is torn down. Apparently this is a school where teachers just ignore things like that.
  • Fisk just admitted he likes having kids because he can "warp" them. That's the actual word he used. What the hell, Jay?
    • Actually, considering the situation (i.e. Red obviously trying to seduce him and his knowing it), his comment could be viewed as sarcastic in nature, designed to unnerve Red so she would quit messing with him.
      • Except this is Jay Naylor speaking, a man known for his questionable-at-best moral compass.
      • True, but Jay's in question here, Fisk is, even if he voices a lot of Jay's opinions at times. There are a number of incidents where we see him being a good father to Janie, Thomas, and Abigail, as well as showing how close he is to Elizabeth, despite Red's numerous advances. For example, take Page 77 and 78. On 77, it's Fisk who asks Elizabeth if he should talk to Janie about religion, since she's been wondering about it lately. He takes the initiative there to try and help his daughter through something that's kind of a pain for a kid to understand, let alone an adult at times. And in 78, he states that while he wants to help her understand religion, she's her own person and if she wants to explore a little, its okay, as long as its through her friends that they've personally met. How does he know she's going to talk to them? Because he trusts her, and he knows she's smart enough to make good decisions. Later on Pages 85 and 86, with Elizabeth's blessing, he and Janie discusses it over their morning jog. He doesn't try and make her see that one religion is better than another, nor does he impress upon her that she needs to be an atheist. He simply tells her that there's nothing wrong with being unsure (especially at her age), and that, regardless of what she ends up believing, he wants her to remember not to disregard her desire to be happy in this life. He's taking time he could be using for other things to talk to his daughter and help her through a confusing moment in her life. Doesn't sound like a bad father to me.
      • Why the hell is this comment ever taken seriously? He's just making a joke!
  • Abby recently decided to market her muscle growth formula, even though the bugs haven't been worked out yet and the FDA's seal of approval hasn't been given. That's bad enough, but it's been previously demonstrated that one of the drug's side effects is a lack of sexual boundaries. How many women were raped by men under the influence of "Ferrigno Fluid"?
    • Note this is 'lack of sexual boundaries' as defined by a kid whose age is not yet at double digits. for all her intelligence, she still acts like a little kid. So 'lack of sexual boundaries' may simply be that they actually talked to the opposite sex.
  • Fisk works for an organization that, according to the back-story in Better Days, has no connection to any government , operates in multiple countries, has no oversight of any kind, and murders people based on the organization's political feelings and ideology. This essentially makes Fisk a professional terrorist.

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