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For theories about other subjects, see The Legend Of Korra Wild Mass Guessing Index.

This series will have gangsters
  • Confirmed

There are other descendants of Aang, but not necessarily Airbenders.
  • Confirmed with a new character sheet that's been released - Tenzin has a older sister, Kya, that's a Waterbender, and an older brother, Bumi, that's a nonbender.

One of the younger cast members will still be alive.
  • Confirmed! Katara lives!
  • Double Confirmed! Zuko lives!
  • Triple Confirmed! Toph lives!

To add up to the discussion above, Korra's appearance will deliberately not be Fanservice (at least to most male viewers' preferences).
Just to show that it can be done.
  • At least in my opinion Jossed she is an Amazonian Beauty.
  • I wouldn't call it blatant Fanservice, but Korra is a pretty girl with a strong physicality and tough attitude that can certainly be considered attractive... oh my god, I think I'm in love with Aang. Have I Mentioned That I Am Heterosexual Today?

The soundtrack will change with the times.
In Airbender we were listening to more classical with drums and wooden flutes to set the feel of a fantasy/medieval setting. Now, with steampunk we won't have electric guitars, but definitely more metallic industrial rhythm.
  • Confirmed, there will be a Roaring 20's feel to the music.
    • Jazz is from the twenties right? And the creators are huge Cowboy Bebop fans.
  • Not sure how it would work with such music, but it would be nice to have a variation of the original main theme reserved for certain moments so as to avoid interrupting the updated feel.
  • Confirmed, a slight mix of the main theme plays when Korra unlocks the Avatar state.

Eva Marie Saint will play the voice of either an older Toph or Katara.
  • Confirmed.

Republic City was founded after the war
  • Confirmed by the opening sequence. After the war, the Fire Nation Colonies in the Earth Kingdom were transformed into the multicultural United Republic of Nations, with Republic City as it's capital city.

Everyone isn't dead...
  • Confirmed. In a leaked clip, Katara is shown to still be alive.
    • And in a newly released clip, while saying goodbye to Korra, Katara says that Aang, Sokka and many of her friends are gone, many =/= all. The rest of the Gaang maybe gone, but some characters from the first series may still be alive. Like sexyfine Haru and his mustache
  • According to site material, Zuko is also alive and kicking, travelling around the world as a peace ambassador. He actually appears in Book 3.

Some of the original voice cast may have small cameos parts.
  • Confirmed. Dante Basco and Dee Bradley Baker both have roles.

In one of Korra's first few fight scenes she will use a waterbending move that involves motioning your hand backwards to freeze some one from behind
  • Confirmed as seen in a leaked clip where Korra runs away from the Metalbender Cops.]

Korra has more power, but less control.
  • Confirmed via leaked clip:
Katara: "She's strong"
Nameless White Lotus member: "She lacks restraint."

The anti-bending revolt will utilize Ty Lee's techniques.

Steve Blum will be voicing an Equalist.
  • Confirmed. Blum's the voice of Amon.

The Gaang is not actually all dead.
  • Confirmed for Katara and Zuko, at least.

Korra will be pretty

Pro-bending and the Equalist threat have resulted in new bending forms.
During the Hundred Year War, the various bending arts became much more focused on practicality over flash. After seventy years of peace, only the old masters practice the wartime styles. Meanwhile, among the general population, bending has started to loosen up. The pro-bending that the Krew will participate in will introduce two different concepts to Korra's bending: the idea of putting on a good show for an audience instead of going straight for the KO, and how mixed groups of benders have come to combat each other. To Korra, who was trained by the White Lotus, old masters if there ever were, this varied style for earth-, water-, and firebending will be a strange concept that she'll need to learn to adapt to. Traditionalist waterbending, for instance, might not put a lot of emphasis on combating earthbenders, let alone how an earthbender and firebender could work together to bring down a waterbender.

The second aspect is that, in Aang's time, Ty Lee's chi-blocking was an extremely unusual fighting style that allowed her to curb-stomp any benders she encountered. In Republic City, however, there's a whole criminal movement trained in it. So in the style of all good arms races, the benders of Republic City have been innovating, adapting their schools to counter chi-blockers. The chi-blockers counter their counters, and the benders do the same... etc. The end result is that there's this whole aspect to bending that Korra's pre-series training hasn't covered because the innovations are taking place on the street level of Republic City, and her old masters in the White Lotus simply aren't experienced in that sort of conflict.

To put it in tl;dr terms: Korra was trained to fight the last war, not the war she'll face against the Equalists.
  • This seems to be Confirmed in the second episode where Korra is amazed at moves Mako and Bolin use during their match and claims she never saw anything like it while being trained by her teachers in the White Lotus. Her training session with Bolin suggests she's quick on the uptake.

Lin is an Earthbender
  • Confirmed.

Katara taught Korra waterbending.
  • Confirmed in the newest leaked footage. She doesn't seem to mind teaching her reincarnated husband and cares a lot for Korra.

Korra will quit trying to learn airbending for a while.
She has always excelled at the other elements, and she has a hard time with the spiritual aspect of bending (proof from the leaked clip), and airbending is all about being spiritual. After trying and trying but not being able to even conjure up a light breeze, she'll throw a tantrum and decide she doesn't need airbending. Then she will be defeated in battle by Amon, suck up her pride and finally master airbending.
  • Somewhat confirmed. Korra did say in the second episode during her argument with Tenzin that she didn't need airbending, but she quickly saw the error of her ways and apologized.
  • Double-somewhat confirmed as of "Rebel Spirits" in Book 2. Korra claims she's mastered Airbending, and so she goes with her uncle, Unalaq, to learn about the spirit world. This isn't permanent, as Unalaq is the Big Bad.

Tenzin will be a member of the White Lotus Society
  • Confirmed, for all intents and purposes, given his relationship with the elders and his ability to station a guard of White Lotus members at his temple, who act on his orders.

The Equalists sprang from enough people finally getting sick of benders in positions of authority as much as from any bender-hating prejudice.
Benders have held positions of authority in the two largest empires on the Avatar world (the Earth Kingdom was under a police state run by the Dai Li and all of the positions of power shown in the Fire nation were held by firebenders), and the people may have held simmering resentment for benders lording it over them due to having special abilities. This is similar to the many revolutions in real life which eventually led to the end of feudalistic nobility, and in those cases the nobility held power based ultimately on only abstract concepts. The benders actually 'have'' special powers to enforce their authority, which would likely encourage even more resentment from people — especially if said benders are despotic about it. Even benders not in positions of high authority have been known to bully the powerless (like that Earthbender Zuko protected that town from). It would be perfectly understandable for resentment fostered by the aforementioned to spill over into open revolt.
  • Given that the series likes alluding to actual history, it might relate to how prior to Chinese invasion, Tibet was a fairly unfree and questionably situated theocracy. So, if you parallel the benders to that, you have a rule that people tend to think of as legitimate and benevolent, but which in actuality, at least some people would be happy to be free of.
  • Considering most of the Steam Punk technology in the Avatar world is powered by bending, and Republic City is a Steam Punk metropolis, it's possible that the entire infrastructure of the city is based around a working class of benders. This of course leaves plenty of room for an oppression/rebellion storyline. Of course, it could be the other way around, and the benders control nearly everything about the city, much like the Dai Li controlled Ba Sing Se.
    • Powered by bending? No they weren't. Most of the Steam Punk were based on designs by the Machinist, who was decidedly not a bender. All the Fire Nation's devices worked on mechanism alone. Fire Nation devices could even be commandeered by non-firebenders, like their war balloons or warships. It was the attacks which made use of bending, not the Steam Punk itself. The only machine than needed active bending wasn't even Steam Punk at all — it was the waterbender submarines powered solely by waterbending.
    • You forget that neither the northern water tribe nor Ba sing se could even open the gates without the use of benders, not to mention Omashu's delivery system.
    • So? That still doesn't mean all the technology was powered by bending, as we clearly saw several non-benders using technology (The Mechanist's machines and his people's gliders being among the more prominent. And if society has developed enough to be full-on Steam Punk and there's a sizable anti-bender faction, it clearly implies that the technology is now even more available and usable to nonbenders than it was previously.
  • My take on this theory: the anti-bender movement is a valid response to the social changes that have taken place in the world of Avatar. In Avatar: The Last Airbender we saw that the various societies were dependent on benders when it comes to their defense, infrastructure, etc. However, in 70 years various steam-based technologies (developed by The Mechanist and other scientists like him) have replaced the need for bending power, and therefore benders aren't needed anymore to make society run smoothly. This loss of social status has made benders bitter, so now they're constantly abusing their powers, demanding that "regular" people (i.e. non-benders) treat them like superior beings. In the authoritarian age of ATLA, where the rule of king was a fact of life, this might've been accepted, but in the 70 years that have passed democratic movements have emerged in the world of Avatar. That ATLK's central location is called Republic City is an obvious proof of this change. The anti-bender faction is a part of this larger democratic movement; their argument is that true equality is never possible while benders have such power over people as they do. At first Korra remains skeptical of the movement, but by the end of the series she becomes disgusted by the benders' abuse of power and realizes they indeed stand in way of democracy, so she uses energybending to remove bending from everyone in the world. Thus the world of Avatar takes a big step towards true egalitarianism.
    • I was completely agreeing with your theory until the part about taking away bending from everyone. First how would she do that? Second why would she do that? Bending is an integral part of the world's culture. Just because some Jerkasses misuse their talent doesn't justify taking away the core of almost every single human's beings. That's like taking away everyone's legs because someone made fun of a paralyzed kid. Plus energybending is a risky and time consuming experience and as Ozai proved, it is not a toy.

The episode opens one snowy night with the three White Lotus masters from the leaks traveling to the Southern Water Tribe after receiving an urgent message about the new Avatar, currently around five years old. We don't hear what the message is, but at least one of the masters (I'm guessing the short one with the beard who stands in the middle) is extremely scornful about it, claiming it an impossibility. When the three of them reach Korra's house, they are astonished to find her earthbending, despite not knowing she is the Avatar. They decide that there is no longer any point in keeping her identity a secret, and that she might as well begin training before her experimentation gets out of hand. One of them will drop a line about how she must be unusually gifted even for an Avatar, prompting her parents to smile proudly at each other... but the cynical master will mutter that he doesn't like this at all. Flash forward twelve or so years to Korra battling the other firebender as her final firebending test, and the setup of her character as someone overeager, confidant, easily bored, and just a little conceited because she's known she was the Avatar for as long as she could remember. A running theme through the series will be Korra learning not to approach bending as a purely physical competition, and ignoring her deep-seated desire to be the best at everything in favor of doing the Avatar's duty and helping others.
  • A new (not leaked) clip confirms the first part of that theory, at least.
  • As of the release of the first episode, most of this prediction was accurate.

General speculation about Korra's character.
Given the tiny bits we know about her and some of the more sane-sounding theories on this page, I predict Korra will be:
  • Sort of Troubled, but Cute, possibly from a broken home and/or a runaway.
    • Partially correct. She's a runaway, but from stifling guardians. She's also not very troubled about her life or life in general.
  • Tough, badass, doesn't take shit from anyone
    • Mostly correct. She's tough. She's badass. She doesn't take shit from most people, but she's willing to obey Tenzin when he first attempts to send her back to the South Pole after she's made her case to him.
  • A scrappy fighter
    • Nope. She's not scrappy-looking at all. While her technical skills are quite good, she mostly relies on sheer brute force to win the day.
  • Major flaw: pride. Has difficulty being taught and being told that she's wrong.
    • So far, this looks to be wrong. Korra does have strong opinions and the will to pursue her goals, but she's as easy-going as Aang was and reacts to criticism with reasonable (if not always the best thought-out) counterpoints.
  • Adventurous, thrill-seeking, tends to get in trouble.
    • Correct. Although her adventurism is less about thrill-seeking than just reacting to having been secreted away by the White Lotus in the countryside for years.
  • Not very "girly."
    • That would be an understatement. She's about 10 times more macho and headstrong than Aang.
  • Most of this is accurate. Though as far as we can see, she's not troubled, yet, anyway.

Korra will study airbending alongside Tenzin's son.
Tenzin is probably an adult at this point; and thus as the last airbender having children is some kind of cosmic demand of him.
  • Plus this will allow the creators to ship Aang's reincarnation with Aang's grandson.
    • No, just just no, hear how wrong that sounds; a boy dating the reincarnation of his own grandpa.
      • Never saw what was so wrong with that. They're not the same person, and they're not physically related (as far as we know). All the claims of reincarnation being equatable to relation always struck me as very WallBangery. And besides that, it's only ever cited in Ship-to-Ship Combat situations, so it's more of a weapon than an opinion.
      • Avatar reincarnation doesn't exactly work like that. Each Avatar's individual spirit is unique, it's only the Avatar Spirit that is reincarnated each time. Think of it like the Avatar having two spirits - their own "soul" and the "Avatar Spirit". So although she has access to Aang's spirit via the Avatar Spirit, she is not technically Aang's reincarnation in the sense the word is usually used.
      • Well, it is redundant to ship a water tribe character with an Air Nomad character. Also, notice when Aang and Kyoshi are on trial, he uses words like "me" and "I" and is tried as if he was Kyoshi. They also share the same spirit.
  • Well, this might be possible. According to a Korean animator for the show, Tenzin has a son.
    • Where did you hear this and where can I read about it?
  • My money is on Meelo being that kid.
    • Confirmed as of SDCC 2011.
  • Don't forget, Aunt Wu predicted that Katara would pass away in her sleep quietly after having her third great grandchild.
    • I seriously do not remember this. Can you point me toward which part of the episode that is?
      • Aunt Wu was also trying to get rid of Katara because of her obsession with hearing Wu's predictions when she said that, so it's questionable in accuracy.

Meelo is Tenzin's son.
  • Confirmed as of SDCC 2011.

Korra will be from the Southern Water Tribe
  • Confirmed.

We we see interracial children other than Tenzin
  • Confirmed. Korra alongside of an earthbender and a firebender, who are brothers.

The remnants of the four nations and their politics will still have a role to play.
And the Fire Nation is by far the least aggressive, most open-minded of them all.
  • The nations are still around, National Republic is just it's own thing.
    • Partially Confirmed. All the nations are represented on the council.

One of the Equalists goals will be learning how to Energybend.
Because 1) energybending is a concept that really needs to be fleshed out, and 2) on paper, it sounds like a perfect way to level the playing field between benders and non-benders. Inevitably, at least one member will learn how to use it, becoming a very dangerous opponent. Said member will likely have a ridiculous amount of willpower, allowing them to avoid the dangers of Energybending.
  • Confirmed, Amon already knows how to Energybend and he's thus been established as VERY dangerous because of it.
    • Not quite confirmed. The way he does 'energybending', if that's what it is, doesn't match what we saw Aang do to Ozai, so for all we know he's using some form of post-hypnotic suggestion. If it IS energybending, the reasons why it doesn't look the same as when Aang did it need to be explained. Call this one played with, maybe, but not confirmed, in this troper's view.
      • Ultimately jossed. The "Energybending" is really just an advanced form of Bloodbending.

The Equalists will have an Energybender
Mostly because it would be awesome to have the two face each other, and for Korra to face theft of the Avatar State as a possible consequence to defeat.
  • Confirmed, Amon is apparently an Energybender since he can take bending powers away.
    • Not quite confirmed. See the immediate WMG above this one for why.
      • Ultimately jossed. The "Energybending" is really just an advanced form of Bloodbending.

The bending arts will have evolved since The Last Airbender
No one said that only the technology changed since the last series. Toph had already discovered metalbending and likely taught it to other people and it could have spread throughout the earthbending population. In response to the sudden advantage this would give the Earth Kingdom, the other nations would expand their own bending arts to maintain balance. The Water Tribe may rediscover bloodbending and weaponise with animals instead of people (using it on people would quickly become taboo). Sure Katara would never teach it to anyone, but once word that it's possible gets out someone with questionable character is likely to figure it out and teach other questionable characters how to do it. Perhaps with 50+ years of refining the practice the waterbenders may find a way around the need for a full moon to use bloodbending. The Fire Nation already has access to lightning, which based on Iroh's description of the technique (separating positive & negative energy then letting it crash back together for lighting) sounds like manipulating magnetism to achieve the effect, which makes sense since lightning is electricity and electricity is just another form of magnetism. Figuring out how to adapt the lightning technique to generate magnetic fields would be the perfect countermeasure to metalbending. It would be like having an army of realistic Magnetos. To top it off, Korra will have already learned all three advanced bending arts (metalbending, bloodbending, magnetobending) and will use them all at one point or another to deal with the antibending revolt.
  • I want this to be true so badly... Except I think that magnetobending won't be possible, just doesn't seem likely.
  • Okay fair enough. How about Explosionbending instead of Magnetobending? Similar to what Explosionman did only without the third eye thing and any firebender could do it. Firebender makes a contained "explosion" in their hand and throws it, which then explodes either on contact or when firebender wants it to explode. Size of explosion may vary on firebender's power and what the firebender wants blown up.
  • The already prevalent forms would be more likely to have spread, like sandbending, plantbending or lavabending.
  • Confirmed. Metalbending has been taught to other people, there's even an entire police force of metalbenders. Lightningbending has become more commonplace, we see far more firebenders who can do it, and apparently there are enough lightningbenders to where the power plants can hire and pay groups of them to shoot lightning into a generator.
    • Also confirmed: bloodbending without a full moon, although that's not widespread.

Pro Bending involves people/companies sponsoring the teams, and Hiroshi Sato sponsors the Fire Ferrets.
  • Confirmed in the episode "A Voice In The Night". He sponsors them.

To quote the internet "Bolin will get Friendzoned. Hard."
  • Confirmed in "The Spirit of Competition."

The "other" that Pema mentioned in "The Spirit of Competition" whom she thought was wrong for Tenzin is Lin Beifong.
  • Confirmed

Tenzin and Lin Beifong have a history.
  • Confirmed.

Hiroshi is supporting the Equalists. Asami is innocent.
  • Confirmed in episode seven.

There are cars that are not Satomobiles, and Hiroshi Sato did not invent the automobile in the Avatar world.
He's just the inventor of the only car common people can afford. Henry Ford didn't invent the automobile; he just revolutionized auto manufacturing in a way that made the automobile affordable to the masses and more than doubled the wages of auto workers.
  • Confirmed; Satomobiles are just one particular make of automobile, with their biggest rival being Cabbage Corp's Cabbage Car, which professes to be cheaper and more compact. The Satomobile was, however, its universe's Model T-equivalent, being the first car to be mass-produced and marketed to the common man.

Metalbending will run into issues as Technology Marches On
Because it is not actually bending the metal directly, but rather the effect of bending the impurities of earth within the structure of the metal. As industrial processing becomes more advanced, the quality of the finished metal will improve to a point where impurities will be virtually eliminated and it becomes impossible to metalbend it. Since earthbenders can bend coal, they probably will be able to bend steel as well because carbon is a key ingredient in steel manufacturing (though there is some doubt over what exactly is the element that Earthbenders are able to bend, whether it's raw carbon, silicon or silicates, whatever). What if new metals or alloys are introduced that do not contain traces of raw earth (gold, platinum, titanium, aluminum or any other modern alloy)? It would be impossible to metalbend it. It might mean that metalbending could turn into an endangered art. Bonus points if Amon has already figured this out and uses this to his advantage.
  • Just a little thing: steel is still the most common industrial metal, and as you say, its strength relies on its carbon content, that is to say, impurities. It doesn't matter if more pure alloys are introduced (though most of them still have some level of impurities in them), since most stuff will still be made of steel, since no other metal duplicates its functions perfectly.
  • Confirmed in episode 7: metalbenders can't bend pure platinum, and the Equalists are using this to their advantage.

There will be bloodbenders.
  • Confirmed.

The Pro-Bending Arena (or at least its loft) will be destroyed
The episode "And The Winner Is..." seems set to feature an attack on the arena by Amon. Due either to the fight getting out of hand, or the Equalists' use of explosives, at least part of the arena will be destroyed. With no where else to go Mako and Bolin will be invited to live on Air Temple Island, partially for their own protection.
  • In the trailer we do see a giant ball of flame engulfing what could be the brothers' loft.
  • If the tournament is over, there isn't any reason story wise to keep Bolin and Mako connected to the arena. Living on the island would allow for new interactions between characters.

The cabbage merchant started Cabbage Corp.
  • Confirmed.

Katara and Toph will be still be alive and the dual grandmasters of the White Lotus.
And Katara will have an Eyepatch of Power because it would be awesome.
  • And Toph will have two eye-patches because she finds it hilarious.
  • Half jossed, half confirmed. Katara is alive, though it's unclear if she's a member of the White Lotus. While not directly stated, Toph is heavily implied to be dead.
    • Half un-jossed It was implied on the leaked episodes of Book 3 that Toph may be alive
      • And confirmed all the way. Toph IS alive, and appears in Book 4, but not as part of the White Lotus.

Zuko LIVES!!
  • Confirmed. Zuko is currently retired from his post as Fire Lord and travels the world as an ambassador.

Lin Beifong ended up becoming Tenzin's Unlucky Childhood Friend when Pema turned their relationship into a love triangle. She really loathes the avatar because Aang had some role in influencing Tenzin to marry Pema.
As of Episode 5, Pema does confirm that she spoke up because she didn't want Tenzin to be with another woman. Now who could that be? Just take a look Tenzin and Lin's behavior towards each other - there's an unnatural amount of tension. They are 51 and 50 respectively which is highly suggestive. Word of God has it that the two had quite some Foe Romance Subtext while children. Did it develop into a romance, which failed?

And just why is Lin acting like an absolute Jerkass to Korra, right from the very beginning? Is it just an extension of her rage against everyone in Tenzin's family? Maybe Aang influenced Tenzin to marry Pema (who's a non-bender) to maximise the chances of him fathering airbender children in hopes of reviving the Air Nomads (it makes sense seeing the way genetics work in TLOK). Cue a heartbroken Lin bearing a permanent grudge against the Avatar - all that anger is now directed towards Korra. It isn't too hard to guess that Lin's most probably unmarried. It also explains part of her very tough and stoic attitude - a love failure can make you very bitter.
  • Confirmed as of Episode 6.
  • Corollary - Lin is a type I Tsundere.
  • And did she attempt suicide? At the very least slash her face in anger? I mean two almost identical scars running parallel on one side of her face seems very unlikely to be caused by random accidents. Oh dear, oh dear. [[spoilers: Jossed; Lin's scars are explained in "Old Wounds." They were accidentally inflicted upon her by her sister, Suyin.]]
  • And, this would completely play into the whole "Everyone is Batman" theme going on in this show. Think about it for a minute: a young hothead takes over the role of a legendary hero, who used to work closely with the police chief of a major metropolis. This police chief had a daughter, who became the police chief herself in time, does not approve of the young hothead becoming a Legacy Character, and used to have a relationship with the hothead's mentor. This mentor is a Cool Old Guy and Badass Grandpa who is Not So Above It All. With these character dynamics in mind, ATLA would be to LOK as Batman: The Animated Series is to Batman Beyond. Lin/Tenzin is now, officially, just too damn awesome NOT to have happened.
  • In Episode 6 it's revealed that Lin and Aang got along just fine, her animosity towards Korra is solely due to Korra's destructiveness and her history with Tenzin.

Tenzin and Lin Beifong are ex-lovers.
  • Confirmed (see above WMG entry with note on episode 6)

Aang will be Korra's Spirit Advisor
... Just like Roku was Aang's. It just makes perfect sense.
  • Pretty much confirmed by this point.
  • And she'll be trained by Aang's son, Tenzin!

Korra will love meat which disgusts Tenzin's family, who are all vegetarians.
Considering she'll be spending lots of time with Tenzin's family, some of her habits may no endear her to them. The Water Tribes probably depend on hunting with very little vegetation (sea prunes) and Korra will enjoy a good roast, though probably not to Sokka's level of obsession. Cue fun times when Korra fixes a meal for her foster family consisting of choice meats that she meticulously prepared and at the dinner table, well, you know. She'll invite Bolin and Mako over to finish the meal while they laugh about it.
  • The meat-loving part seems to be confirmed. As to what Tenzin and his family think, well...it's probably not going to be as bad (or funny) as what Aang's ghost thinks.

The relationship between Korra and Lin will progress similarly to that of Aang and Toph.
After all, in Toph's first couple of episodes, she spent quite a bit of it arguing and squabbling with Aang. After initially clashing, Lin and Korra will becoming Fire-Forged Friends (even if they don't admit it).
  • As of the Winner is...., they seem to have a decent relationship at the end of the episode.

At some point, Mako and Bolin will move in with Tenzin's family.
Somehow, they will lose their home at the arena, and will have no place to stay. Korra will volunteer the Air Temple Island without consulting anyone. Bolin will be thrilled, Mako will be uncomfortable but relieved. The kids will absolutely adore Bolin, as will Pema, because Bolin is an awesome older brother/playmate/live-in babysitter. Tenzin will be apprehensive, yet resigned. He will proceed to flip out when one of the girls (Korra, Jinora, Ikki, or even Pema) inevitably develops a crush on one of the boys.

Asami won't be a double crosser of any kind, but will be mistaken for one
If only because everyone seems to think that Mike and Bryan will play her character out straight by the fact that she looks like the classic Femme Fatale. I'd like to think the two will throw us all for a loop and take her in a different direction. Perhaps she'll seem like a double agent or someone with a very specific and hidden agenda...but in turn, she never was and really meant for the best. Hell...it might even come to bite her in the ass in the long term and kick the bucket for it, leading to all kinds of potential possibilities for Mako's character to develop forward into (hell, Korra too even). At the very least, her being a Femme Fatale just seems too much the obvious route.
  • Now that the synopsis for the next episode has been revealed, I see this as really likely.
    • Asami being innocent is confirmed in episode seven. She also isn't mistaken for a double crosser.
  • Modified version of this WMG: The main characters won't suspect Asami of being a double agent, but the new chief of police will, because "like father, like daughter".
    • Confirmed as of episode 8. Not necessarily the new chief of police himself, but the guy he answers to, ordered her arrested via that exact accusation.
    • It'll be a Running Gag where people who don't even know who she is will immediately suspect her of being some "Evil Hot Chick about to jump the Avatar/her bending friends" when she's really sneaking around with them on a covert mission.

Asami will keep the electrofist given by her father and use it as her mainstay to keep up with the bending powers of her new comrades in arms.
  • Confirmed in a recent teaser clip from the episode "When Extremes Meet".
  • Further half-confirmed. Asami does keep the electrofist. She uses it relatively frequently in Book 2, but in Book 3 she relies more on her own ingenuity and self-defense skills, although she does bring it back out for one badass moment towards the end.

Asami's racing skills are a Chekhov's Skill
And she'll use them in at least one climactic battle to drive while Korra, Mako, and/or Bolin attacks for a mobile assault.
  • Essentially it'll be a more badass Call-Back to Korra and Mako's chase against the Chi-Blockers where Naga is either injured, separated or otherwise unavailable/incapable against what's initially "just" some Equalists on bikes before dealing with a Mecha-Tank(s) where she channels Steve McQueen as the rest of the Krew bends through the city in coordination like Bolin/Korra bending the street into ramps and walls, Mako/Korra chucking fireballs at the tanks/blow through walls and Korra making ice to slip up bikers trying to join in the chase and/or clearing wet roads around them.
    • Confirmed in "When Extremes Meet". Though, it's not because Naga was injured... it was because four people was too heavy a load for Naga, and Asami proposed a car as an alternative. The logical presumption is that her driving antics will be useful in more than a few getaways.

The love triangle will not be between Mako/Korra/Bolin but...
Actually, maybe not the most prevalent love triangle will between the three of them. The big love triangle that will be going down will end up being Korra/Mako/Asami. Asami is a non-bender who would find herself falling for Mako in whatever situation that she ends up in with the show. Korra as it seems to be implied in the previews has a thing for Mako which originally starts from an admiration for his pro-bending prowess and grows into more. This could be an interesting look into the psyche of each character, especially Korra. This could potentially heighten her disdain for the Equalists (she's supposed to be restoring peace between benders and non-benders so this counterproductive thought process could be a huge storyline) and it's a situation that she can't solve with her physical abilities of being the Avatar. Granted, there's probably more important things for her to do, but this would be fascinating.
  • Or, at the very least it's a love Diamond with two triangles consisting of Bolin/Korra/Mako and Korra/Mako/Asami....I think that would make it Bolin/Korra/Mako/Asami.
    • Diamond Confirmed! Bolin likes Korra, Korra likes Mako, so does Asami, and Mako likes both girls. To sum up, Mako two, Bolin friend zoned.

The Equalists are Well Intentioned Extremists
Considering that technology-wise the setting is supposed to be a bit closer to the earlier decades of the 20th century, benders could be seen by non-benders as oppressors. Not in a brutally dictatorial fashion but in more the manner that allowed to the exploitation of workers, suppression of unions and imposing of moral codes by the elite and influential portions of society. Benders, in this case, could serve as an analogue representing the upper crust of society who are mostly deaf to the plight of the lower classes (non-benders) who live among crime and, most likely, poverty. The fact it's labeled as an anti-bending "revolt" would certainly seem to indicate that benders, perhaps, maintain a better standing in society and thus the anti-benders (and their leader) engage in a desperate attempt to change society for the better and bring about a better sense of equality between benders and non-benders. And as the series is said to be a little darker and more mature than the previous one, a group of "villains" fighting to enact social change would offer more shades of gray and fit that tone.
  • Possibly the leader IS a bender himself, but either is hiding it because of shame/some hidden agenda, or shunned the ability after seeing something terrible done with it.
  • Heck, when you consider that the benders' special abilities would probably give them an economic advantage over nonbenders (for example, metalbending would be incredibly useful for construction work), it's not improbable that they would become economic scapegoats; it's certainly not uncommon in the real world for a disproportionately successful minority group to be disliked by the majority. Add in the fact that leadership and law enforcement in the Avatar world seem to traditionally comprise primarily of benders, and you've got yourself a social powder keg.
  • Pretty much Confirmed at this point. Korra's encounter with a homeless man, and to a lesser extent, her run-in with an Equalist recruiter, in the first episode establishes that there is a severe social gap in Republic City, between the benders and non-benders. The Extremist in Well-Intentioned Extremist is guaranteed based on both Amon's demeanor and certain actions that appear to be occurring in the trailers.
The Equalists will use steam powered mecha.
Because that is awesome

Proving that being a Chew Toy is In the Blood, the Cabbage Man's descendant will experience the exact same luck as his/her ancestor.
  • Confirmed, kind of. He was set up as an equalist by Hiroshi. He even got to shout his own version of the catchphrase.

Aang took away Yakone's bending.
  • Confirmed in episode 9.

Tenzin's eldest daughter, Jinora, either is or will become a Badass Bookworm.
  • Confirmed as of episode 10.

Tarrlok will wind up with a tragic backstory, his motives for being such a massive jerkass will be well explained, and his angst-o-meter will skyrocket.
  • All to do with relationships with Amon, Yakone, and genuinely trying to save Republic City.
    • Confirmed as of episode 11.

Amon is Tarrlok's brother.
  • Confirmed as of Episode 11.

Korra will reach the Avatar State.
  • Confirmed as of the finale, after connecting with all of the previous Avatars. Aang restores her bending, and in the Avatar State, Korra has the ability to restore other people's bending as well.

Unalaq is trying to release Vaatu
The first Avatar sealed him away in the Spirit Realm then closed the portals so nobody could repeat his mistake. Now the Harmonic Convergence is only weeks away and Korra needs to close the Spirit Portal before that happens. Unalaq probably made contact with Vaatu by accident while meditating and Vaatu figured if he could trick a human into freeing him once, the same trick could work again.
  • Makes sense considering he had Korra open up the southern portal.
  • Confirmed. Unalaq plans to fuse with him to become a Dark Avatar.

Unalaq's Evil Plan is to become the Dark Avatar.
By merging with Vaatu, much like Wan merged with Raava, to prove himself better than Tonraq, and in extension, his daughter Korra. Vaatu agrees because he thinks that Raavu "Cheated" him out of the last victory with a human and seeks to even the odds.
  • Confirmed in "Harmonic Convergence."

The Humans will hate Korra because she let the Spirits back in.
Not only that, but she'll have to deal with the "everybody hates me" mentality that's a staple for Young Adult fiction. She'll also try to carry out her Avatar duties (which may or may not be very easy), and she'll have to guide the world through the growing pains between the Humans and Spirits.
  • Confirmed with the previews released before the Book 3 premiere.

The main antagonists are the Order of the White Lotus. Korra is dealing with either a rogue faction or the entire organization pulled a Face–Heel Turn.
I didn't come up with this theory, I'm just posting it.
  • The main antagonists are a group of Elite Benders calling themselves the Red Lotus. While the White Lotus seems on their side, they might have a renegade group.
  • Red Lotus confirmed as renegade White Lotus.

Unalaq is Red Lotus
. The night before "The Stakeout" aired, this was posted to a fan page on Facebook: "I suspect Unalaq was a member of the Red Lotus, and may have planned on releasing Zaheer & co. from prison after his merger with Vaatu. It would explain why he neglected to tell his heirs about that top secret prison."

Book 4 will feature a Hitler figure.
There were various theories about who that figure would be, but it turned out to be Kuvira.

Korra will confront Zaheer in prison.
While it has been confirmed Zaheer would not be returning as an antagonist, Henry Rollins has already recorded new footage for the show. Spurred by Asami's decision to confront Hiroshi, Korra will seek Zaheer in his prision in the hopes facing her fears will help her overcome them.
  • Confirmed as of episode 9.

The last scene.
Will have Korra standing alone, after the big fight has ended. Asami enters, and without words, the two's faces get closer to each other...and then the screen will turn white with the words The End on the screen. Let's face it, that's the only way they could confirm Korrasami.
  • Eh, close enough.