WMG / Hellfire Commentaries

All other HFC members are different parts of NTom64.

This must happen.

Tom will find out about this page and subsequently go on a rampage.
He said he would rage if he found out the TV Tropes page got a WMG section. Now we must wait and see if he finds out...

Tom is a time lord
Tom's hatred of seeing the time lord speculation on the WMG page was only him covering up the fact that he is himself a time lord.

Tom's and Digi's repressed sides, Daivd Cage and David Bowie respectively, will take over their bodies and create an HFC movie.
Daivd Cage will have David Bowie do the songs, and all the acting. And it will be glorious.

Sparanda is secretly the human incarnation of Missingno.
It's the only way to explain his glitching habits. His very presence messes up the games he plays.