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Freddie is a member of the OWCA.

Freddie is Haruhi Suzumiya and/or a Time Lord.
It makes sense now.
  • What is it with Haruhi Suzumiya popping up so much?

Freddie was on drugs the whole time Gamewolf 66

This movie, The Land Before Time, and Star Trek are part of the same universe
One of the Land Before Time sequels has an Elasmosaurus named Elsie in it who is based on the Loch Ness monster, who appears in this film. As for Star Trek, a Scottish character named Scotty appears in this film too (perhaps the ancestor of Montgomery Scott), and given the large armies of Klansmen and Nazis that showed up, perhaps the Eugenics Wars were just about to happen. The Land Before Time and Star Trek may even be connected, as one internet reviewer claimed the Rainbow Faces from Land Before Time 7 were part of Starfleet (because they apparently have teleportation.) The Enterprise also encountered a race of dinosaur people once, so it all makes sense. If the OWCA theory is true too, that could connect yet another universe. Feel free to connect another universe.