Funny / Freddie as FRO7

  • Really, the premise alone. Just try dictating the first five minutes to someone else without laughing your ass off.
  • The Running Gag involving the Brigadier and the telephone. The third variation actually involved ALL of the members getting tangled in the telephone cords!
  • Near the end when Freddie is in a coma and his comrades are captured El Supreme begins to monologue how Freddie is too late in stopping his plan with his sword unsheathed. This is a rather serious scene and makes El Supremo a little menacing...and then he lightly bends his sword resulting in it make a "Boing" sound.
  • "Oh this couldn't have come at a worse time! We've just lost some of our best men! Double 03 in China, Double 05 in Russia, Double 07 in Hollywood."