Funny / Freddie as FRO7

  • Really, the premise alone. Just try dictating the first five minutes to someone else with a straight face.
  • The Running Gag involving the Brigadier and the telephone. The third variation actually involved ALL of the members getting tangled in the telephone cords! It's one of the few intentionally funny jokes in the film that works.
    • In fact, right after the disappearance of Canterbury Cathedral was announced by the BBC, a telephone made a distorted, very hilarious-sounding ring while shaking uncontrollably, and its final one got it to shake violently enough to go flying right off the pillar it hung from before the Brigadier caught it.
  • Near the end when Freddie is in a coma and his comrades are captured El Supreme begins to monologue how Freddie is too late in stopping his plan with his sword unsheathed. This is a rather serious scene and makes El Supremo a little menacing...and then he lightly bends his sword resulting in it make a "Boing" sound.
  • "Oh this couldn't have come at a worse time! We've just lost some of our best men! Double 03 in China, Double 05 in Russia, Double 07 in Hollywood."