Awesome / Freddie as FRO7

    • To elaborate, El Supremo is by far the most unoriginal of the cast and on paper is a very poorly written and largely forgettable character with only a marginally creative design. However BRIAN BLESSED managed to take this very forgettable character and turn him into a very enjoyable aspect of the film due to his magnificently Large Ham performance.
  • In the battle scene where Freddie recovers from his coma near the end, he remembers a line he father used to say: "Fear not the sword my son. The true powers of the mind are greater than any weapon." This memory wakes him up and he proceeds to kick every minion's ass. Then when El Supremo is left, Freddie not only treats him as if he were harmless he then jumps over El Supremo and as Supremo loses his balance, Freddie kicks him in the ass, prompting him to fall.