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Eminem was a lady friend of Snoop Dogg's who underwent a sex change prior to his rap career
  • Eminem's nickname is Slim Shady. In Snoop Dogg's hit single "Gin And Juice," Snoop mentions a certain "bitch named Shady who used to be the homeboy's lady." And in "Who Am I? (What's My Name?)" from the same album, Snoop Dogg mentions "Slim with the tilted grin."
    • You really need to brush up on your Snoop, dude. Those lyrics are "bitch named Sadie" and "slim with the tilted brim"note , respectively.

Mockingbird is the bridge between "Kim" and "'97 Bonnie and Clyde".

Eminem is the Reincarnation of Doc Holliday.
He's vulgar to those he feels deserved it. Despite his upbringing, he is well educated and has a great vocabulary. To top it off he is insanely loyal to his loved ones and friends.
  • This would certainly explain the western-themed Book Ends to the song "Bad & Evil".
Stan didn't die.
That last scene in the music video was really him and not a Hallucination. He simply bailed out before the car went over the bridge.

Alternately, "Stan" and "Bad Guy" were Stan's nightmares.
And they were his punishment for drugging and possibly raping the girl in "Guilty Conscience".

"Stan" is actually a conversation between Slim Shady and Marshall Mathers.
The part where Stan kills himself and his girlfriend could represent Eminem killing Kim and then himself, probably because of his drug addiction.

Slim Shady is HABIT
Seriously, it's all there! Split personality? Check. Twisted sense of humor? Check. Violent and vulgar as all get-out? Check, and mate.

Alternatively, Slim Shady is an alternate version of Jan Valentine
They're both fouled mouth, psychotic, perverted, don't give a fuck, and love to cross the line just for kicks. Also these quotes sound just like something Slim would say:

We just wanna torture you, kill you, maybe skullfuck your corpse a couple times. Burn the house to the ground, go home and mastarbate, OK?

I don't give a shit, I don't give a fuck! I don't give a shit so I don't give a fuck! Now if I gave a shit, I might just give a fuck! But I don't give a shit so I don't give a fuck

Alright, here's what you do: You go down to the local pharmacy, ask for something called Viagra, and it'll help you GO FUCK YOURSELF!