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This is a "Wild Mass Guess" entry, where we pull out all the sanity stops on theorizing. The regular entry on this topic is elsewhere. Please see this programme note.
Earth 2
Wonder Woman was the first hero to appear in this universe
In Real Life and in the DC universe superpowered beings are called "superheroes" because Superman was the first one to show up. Now, in this universe, superheroes are instead called "Wonders", suggesting that Wonder Woman was the first one.

Superman is not really dead.
Superman survived the trip through the Boom Tube and landed on Apokolips, where Darkseid is turning him into a weapon for future use. Mercury said something worse than Apokolips is coming, and what's worse than Darkseid? An evil Superman.
  • Issue 14 revealed that Steppenwolf has his own trio of wonders, the Hunger Dogs. Two of them are male and one is female. It's possible that they are actually Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman converted into weapons. One of them even has Eye Beams like Superman.
  • Confirmed. The Hunger Dog called Brutaal is revealed to be a brainwashed Superman in issue #16.
    • Somewhat Jossed. Issue 26 reveals Brutaal was a Bizarro clone created by Darkseid

The lineup for a new Big Three.
Based on what I've read, if Supes, Wondy, and Bats never come back, the main three on this world to replace them will be: Alan Scott: He has been claimed to be Earth's greatest champion and this troper believes that's what Superman is. Jay Garrick: Just as Wonder Woman was the avatar of the Greek/Roman pantheon, Jay will be as well. Kendra: She'll be the new Batman analogue by process of elimination.

Icicle will show up as a frost elemental.
Now that Alan is an avatar of life and plants, it makes sense for one of his classic rogues to be similarly reinvented as an elemental with the power of death-bringing cold.
  • Jossed. Icicle shows up in Earth 2 Annual #1, but not a frost elemental.

The seventh Wonder, and why Sloan hesitates to reveal them
In #0, Sloan lists off seven Wonders, but leaves one unrevealed "for reasons that all who know this world and this war will understand". The guess that immediately comes to mind is Aquawoman, who ended up imprisoned by the World Army after the war—I'm guessing for violently opposing and trying to publicize some atrocity committed by the World Army. Something besides Sloan's war crimes.

Eventually, Alan will begin dating again.
DC might want to keep his sexuality as a big part of the character. His boyfriend will probably be:
  • A reboot of another Justice Society character
  • Sam somehow brought back from the dead
  • Sam brought back from the dead as a reboot of another Justice Society character

Doctor Bedlam and the Beguiler are Bruce Wayne and Diana
We know that in this universe, Batman and Wonder Woman are dead but are they really... After all if Superman is Brutaal, It would be very likely that Darkseid brainwashed Bruce and Diana the same way as he did Kal-El and then made them into the Hunger Dogs.
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