Analysis / Earth 2

Doctor Fate's prophetic ramblings in issue #17

*Spoiler Alert* Key events are going to be discussed here.

Khalid Ben-Hassin, aka Doctor Fate, is a mystical man who is plagued with the occasional bouts of lunacy. When he tries to fight Brutaal in issue #17, Brutaal thrashes him so hard, he's reduced to cryptic ramblings. Writer Tom Taylor said in an interview that Khalid's rambling is Foreshadowing things to come. Here's what Khalid has to say:
Doctor Fate: Crumbles! The space door opens! Crumbles... the Queen! It Crumbles. Green! Crumbles. Speed broken! The child, resurrected hope. Angel in the slaughter. They come from the fires! The alien. Crumbles green. It crumbles! Crumbles!
The events Khalid is rambling about can be seen as soon as the same issue, but Tom says that some won't happen until much later.

  • Crumbles: It's initially not entirely clear what crumbles, but it was thought to be referring to the destruction that's going to be caused by the second parademon invasion. Its real meaning is revealed in issue #26, where Brutaal, thought to be Superman turned evil, starts to crumble during his fight against Val-Zod, the new Superman. It turns out he wasn't the original Superman after all, but a clone made by Darkseid.

  • The space door opens: No space door has been opened yet, let alone seen. However, Bedlam and Brutaal are trying to get Mr. Terrific and Terry Sloan to build a boom tube large enough to transport the Earth, so it could be referencing that.

  • The Queen: In issue #18, Aquawoman, queen of the seas, was released from the World Army's holding facility. She's joined the heroes and it's pretty clear that she's an important character.

  • Green: The Green Lantern was brutally beaten into the ground by Steppenwolf and Brutaal in issue #16. When Brutaal kills Steppenwolf for defying Darksied, Steppenwolf's body releases energy that tears open the Earth. Green Lantern is caught in the energy's radius and disappears. However, issue #19 reveals that Green Lantern is still alive, but encased in a cocoon of green energy while his body heals.

  • Speed broken: Jay Garrick, aka The Flash, is the fastest man alive. In issue #18, he goes up against Brutaal to let the other heroes escape. Brutaal chases Flash all around the world; with Flash barely keeping ahead of him. Eventually Brutaal catches him and breaks his shin so he won't run away. He doesn't kill him because he plans to use Flash in his conquest of Earth.

  • The child: In issue #18, Jimmy Olsen is released from the World Army's holding facility. Jimmy is a teen who was imprisoned for hacking into the World Army's files and exposing top secret documents to the world. His photographic memory and hacking skills will come in handy against the parademon invasion.

  • Ressurected hope: Lois Lane, Superman's wife, was killed in the first parademon invasion before the series began. In issue #17, she is resurrected when her father uploads her consciousness into the Fembot, Red Tornado. Tom Taylor says that she will be a foil to Brutaal, being a beacon of hope instead of a beacon of despair.

  • Angel in the slaughter: In issue #19, Hawkgirl flies in amidst the second parademon invasion and saves Batman II and Major Sato. Hawkgirl is a Winged Humanoid, so that would make her look like an angel. Red Arrow notes this himself when he looks up and recalls the "angel in the slaughter" quote.

  • They come from the fires: There are massive fire pits all around the world left over from the first parademon invasion. In issue #18, parademons emerge from the fire pits signaling the second parademon invasion.

  • The alien: In issue #19, the heroes are about to leave the World Army's holding facility when Jimmy Olsen finds info about an alien being kept underneath the facility. They go down and find two World Army soldiers guarding a huge metal door. They persuade them to open it and find... a human living in a furnished room. They ask him why he's locked away, but then he starts to feel ill; saying that Batman II's presence is causing his. Batman realizes what happening and reveals his kryptonite necklace. The man is no human, but a Kryptonian, Superman's species. He later becomes the new Superman and helps battle Brutaal and his forces.

  • Boom: Khalid utters this several times in issue #19. This turns out to refer to two things. In issue #25, the Flash defeats Beguiler by grabbing her going so fast, he makes her vanish into infinity. This creates a sonic boom. By the end of the issue, Bedlam and his prisoners create a massive boom tube to pull Earth to Apokalips.