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YMMV: Earth 2
  • Angst? What Angst?: Despite the Tragic Keepsake, Alan Scott didn't seem to show that much sadness over Sam's death.
    • Then subverted in issue 7, where, when all the action has died down, and he is no longer needed to save the world, Alan can mourn. He breaks into a Heroic BSOD, and wrecks their apartment.
  • Base Breaker: Batman and Superman stealing the show. Instead of focusing on Earth 2's unique heroes, which made the book successful, the Dark Age arc is pretty much Injustice: Gods Among Us set in Earth 2. Evil Superman wants to take over the world by force, Batman gathers and leads a Resistance to fight him. Everything revolves around Superman and Batman. While part of the fans enjoys the Dark Age arc, the other part feels that it hurts the book's uniqueness and turns it into just another Batman/Superman title.
  • Ho Yay: A bit between Jay and Khalid in issue 11, Jay was Khalid's inspiration to endure the insanity to become Doctor Fate, despite only formally meeting Jay a few hours ago.
  • Internet Backdraft: The whitewashing of Connor Hawke by making him Red Arrow.
    • And then they killed him off.
  • Misblamed: Some fans don't like the return of Batman and Superman and blame new writer Tom Taylor because he took over writing duties after The Reveal. However, both characters were reintroduced by James Robinson, the original writer.
  • The Untwist: Batman II's identity? Thomas Wayne, of course. It's pretty much got to be, since a black-and-red lethal force-employing stubbly legacy Batman already appeared in Flashpoint, where he was also Thomas Wayne. It didn't help that DC spoiled his identity in a tweet previewing several Earth 2 action figures months ahead of the actual reveal, also confirmed by Robinson after he jumped ship from DC.

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