YMMV / Earth 2

  • Angst? What Angst?: Despite the Tragic Keepsake, Alan Scott didn't seem to show that much sadness over Sam's death.
    • Then subverted in issue 7, where, when all the action has died down, and he is no longer needed to save the world, Alan can mourn. He breaks into a Heroic B.S.O.D., and wrecks their apartment.
  • Broken Base: Batman and Superman stealing the show. Instead of focusing on Earth 2's unique heroes, which made the book successful, the Dark Age arc is pretty much Injustice: Gods Among Us set in Earth 2. Evil Superman wants to take over the world by force, Batman gathers and leads a Resistance to fight him. Everything revolves around Superman and Batman. While part of the fans enjoys the Dark Age arc, the other part feels that it hurts the book's uniqueness and turns it into just another Batman/Superman title. This focus continued into the following arc, which was named "The Kryptonian" after someone who was not involved in the aforementioned feud.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: When Chris Sims was reviewing Smallville in 2010, he facetiously suggested that a version of that show based on Batman would have eventually had Thomas Wayne show up alive. Well...
  • Ho Yay: A bit between Jay and Khalid in issue 11; Jay was Khalid's inspiration to endure the insanity to become Doctor Fate, despite only formally meeting Jay a few hours ago.
  • Internet Backdraft: The whitewashing of Connor Hawke by making him Red Arrow. And then they killed him off, making his use seem pointless.
  • Misblamed: Some fans don't like the return of Batman and Superman and blame new writer Tom Taylor because he took over writing duties after The Reveal. However, both characters were reintroduced by James Robinson, the original writer.
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • In issue 25, Kal-El's murder of Jonathan Kent in the name of Darkseid cemented that there is no turning back for him, and was intended as that point by the writers, who see it as when "Clark Kent" ceased to exist in favor of Kal-El only. However, it turns out that it wasn't Kal-El that crossed the line. It was a clone created by Darkseid that had Superman's memories.
    • While Highfather was already causing trouble over on the main Earth, we learn in World's End #11 that he handed over Earth-2 to Darkseid "for the sake of peace". Earth-2 is being ravaged by Apokolips, and it is all because of Highfather.
  • Tearjerker: The origins of the Furies of Apokolips. Unlike the traditional Female Furies, who were born and bred on Apokolips, the four Furies were drafted into Darkseid's service. Pestilence and Death had the most heartbreaking stories of all:
    • Pestilence had to endure the death of her parents due to the negligence of the upper classes on her home world, who then pumped her full of diseases and dumped her on Apokolips, all so that they wouldn't have to dirty their hands keeping their planet safe.
    • Death had to witness her daughter's murder. Her grief was so crushing that she was willing to copulate with Darkseid so that she could be a mother again.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: For the longest time this series was the only place fans could turn to for characters related to the Justice Society of America after DC retconned them out of existence, but longtime readers were driven off by how many of the characters like Alan Scott and Jay Garrick were essentially gutted and made unrecognizable to the point they were the character In-Name-Only. Things only got worse after focus shifted away from the JSA-related characters to new versions of Batman and Superman, as well as an extended storyline about Apokolips and Darkseid. After all that, some fans view the Earth-2 cast as a bunch of Replacement Scrappy characters to the old timers of the JSA.
  • The Untwist: Batman II's identity? Thomas Wayne, of course. It's pretty much got to be, since a black-and-red lethal force-employing stubbly legacy Batman already appeared in Flashpoint, where he was also Thomas Wayne. It didn't help that DC spoiled his identity in a tweet previewing several Earth 2 action figures months ahead of the actual reveal, also confirmed by Robinson after he jumped ship from DC.