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Trivia: Earth 2
    Earth 2 the Series 

    Earth 2 the Comic Book 
  • What Could Have Been:
    • James Robinson was planning on giving Red Arrow's real name as Roy McQueen (an apparent combination of "Roy Harper" and "Oliver Queen", the original Red and Green Arrows respectively), but following Robinson's leaving the book, Tom Taylor settled on Connor Hawke (Green Arrow I's son and the pre-New 52 Green Arrow II).
    • The plans for the post-Tower of Fate arc included the introduction of Dr. Mid-Nite and Wildcat.
    • Artist Joe Prado had redesigned other Earth-2 related characters, such as Jonni Thunder and her Thunderbolt, Airwave, and Brainwave, but the designs were never used. Interestingly, Jonni Thunder appeared to be a combination of the original, male Johnny Thunder, the private detective Jonni Thunder, and J.J. Thunder.

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