Funny / Earth 2

The Comic

  • In issue 2, Jay Garrick tests out his new speed powers and panics when he realizes he's heading straight for a wall. Fortunately, he learns he can run up walls.
    • While testing how fast he can go, he tries to brake and makes a huge crater in the ground. He hopes nobody owns the land so he won't be sued.
  • In issue 19, the heroes find info about an alien being held under the World Army's holding facility. They go down there, open the giant metal doors, and find... an average looking guy living in a furnished room. note 
    Val: Hi.
  • Red Tornado tells Jimmy Olsen her real name and Jimmy geeks out about how popular she was. He says she should see the fan fictions people made of her, but then tells her not to with a disgusted look on his face.