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What the Doctor Saw in Room Eleven
  • Given the context of the Moffat/Smith tenure thus far, it would be logical to assume it's either
  • It's almost certainly not shown in order both to leave it to the interpretation of the viewer, and to avoid unduly complicating later stories by making them incorporate or work around it. The contents of Room 11 therefore exist in a superposition state of all of the above and likely more besides until the waveform is collapsed by an observer, and the only one known to have done that isn't saying what he saw.

The Minotaur's prison was created by the time-traveling Knight Templars from Let's Kill Hitler
The holo-deck technology resembles the technology used in the Teselecta, and it fits their modus operandi: the Minotaur, given how many sacrifices it's fed on in its time, would count as the sort of criminals they'd want to "give Hell," and this is definitely Hell. On the other hand, it also kidnaps and murders random innocents, which isn't really the Teselecta's MO but They are also totally incompetent, and likely to abandon a project.

The whole hotel is the Doctor's room
It consists of situation after situation in which one after another he fails to save someone while he's questioned about his need to do so and the danger he brings to others.

The fire exits are Rory's fear
Rory's greatest fear is that he may one day let Amy down and take the easy way out, even after 1,894 years of telling himself he won't. Thus his greatest fear is manifested as an easy way out. He doesn't go all "praise him" like the others because he doesn't have any "faith".

The hotel is the House of Leaves
It's a creepy building whose inside changes, plus there's the minotaur. So why can't the hotel be the house?

Rory wasn't seeing fire exits because he has no faith.
After all, what about his faith in Amy? Hasn't she saved him just as many times as the other way around? His faith in the Doctor? For all his annoyance with the Doctor, he still seems to respect him a fair bit. There's also his faith in the fact that he will keep on dying. Again, we're stretching the definition of "faith", but so did the episode itself. The fire exits weren't because of Rory's lack of faith.

After thousands of years of fighting for Amy, adventuring with the Doctor, and generally facing down the worst the universe has to throw at him, Rory isn't afraid of anything anymore. His "faith", the thing that he falls back on in dangerous circumstances, is himself. The same Heroic Resolve that kept him sane as The Last Centurion and No Selled House, is what protected him from the Minotaur.

Room 11 was the Eleventh Doctor's room, but not the room of the other Doctors.
Room 1 would be the First Doctor's room, 2 would be Second's, etc. As for what their rooms contained, here are a few possibilities: