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The Gulanee are responsible for the arkfall and the Volge.
Think about it. When approached with the disaster that leads to the building of the arks the Gulanee were confident that they would survive and only sent small amounts of their species in exchange for their energy source ( http://en.defiance-wiki.com/wiki/Gulanee ). Maybe they aren't as ignorant of the risks of the event as others think they are and truly know the risks to themselves. They are secretive and unknown even to the other Votans, maybe the surviving Gulanee in their home system and the Gulanee in the arkfleet have a method of site to site transport unknown to the other Votans either as a innate trait due to their unusual nature or hidden tech.

The Volge would be hard to stowaway effectively in large numbers as space on the arks is limited (the other votans had to choose who to leave behind), they are hated by all the other races and look extremely different. Maybe the Volge were never smuggled on the arks in large numbers at all. Maybe they stayed behind in their home system with the Gulanee and were brought to the arkfleet by the Gulanee at an appropriate time to destroy the arks and enter earth.

The Gulanee make a good hidden agenda villain because unlike the other Votans they are starfish aliens, are seldom seen in the show and have an unknown motivation and nature. From Matti 23.
  • More like have yet to be seen in the show. There is one as a boss in the game.
    • It appears the Kaziri on Earth may have been responsible for the Arkfall, and/or Indogene agents on the Votan ships who knew about it. So probably Jossed.

The Gulanee and Volge are working together for an unknown purpose or the Gulanee are using the Volge towards their own goals.
See above entry.

The Gulanee intended for the Terraforming of earth to proceed the way it did.
Humans and most Votans can survive in a similar environment (air pressure, temperature, atmosphere) such as in Defiance, except for the Gulanee who die if they spend more than a few hours outside of their suits ( http://en.defiance-wiki.com/wiki/Gulanee ). Maybe the the other Votans would not be able to live in a stable long term Gulanee environment or they would not agree to the process. To this end they sabotaged the arks so that the terraforming would occur the way it did, with the end intention to make an environment they can live in without encapsulation suits. The current state of the earth is merely an intermediary state to the final intention of the Gulanee. Matti 23.
  • If this is true then Fridge Brilliance: If there is only one planet to terraform you can either terraform it so most of the Votan races and humans can live there or you can terraform it so that the Gulanee can live there naturally (they currently need suits). There's only one planet to go around and the Gulanee do not want to be left without a planet to live on, even at the expense of the other races currently on earth.
  • Gulanite is a mineral that ONLY exists of the Gulanee homeworld (Gula) ( http://en.defiance-wiki.com/wiki/Gulanite ). It is found on the homeworlds of none of the other Votan races. Why is the terraforming process of an expedition forming an environment that doesn't exist on most of the Votan homeworlds? It might be because the Votan like having a power source at their destination but it might also be the first obvious result of the Gulanee terraforming earth to resemble Gula.
  • Gula was a Gas Giant, it seems like it would be a bit difficult to turn a rocky planet into a giant ball of gas. All the Gulanite on earth comes from Arkfalls.
    • Plus, you'd think if the Gulanee wanted to create a world that felt like home, they'd have detoured away from the Ark fleet to Gula-form Jupiter or Saturn, and skipped coming to Earth at all.
  • Good point about he gas giant thing although the wiki says that the terraforming process is actually duplicating gulanite on earth in addition to the gulanite from arkfalls. Maybe they don't need an environment identical to Gula, just enough to allow habitation outside of their suits?

The "Kaziri" that Nicolette Riordon is looking for is an intact ark
Ark hunters can get large amounts of money and powerful artifacts just from small pieces of beat up arks. A complete, intact ark would be worth far more and would fit into Nicolette's justification that the humans would thank her for finding it. There are many Votans on a single ark, maybe enough to tip the balance of power between Votan and humans if the inhabitants are allowed to wake up. The technology on the ark may also threaten the balance of power between Votans and humans. Maybe its one of the arks Nolan saw crashing into St. Louis in the intro.
  • Maybe the Kaziri key is needed to power it up or open the door?
  • Semi-confirmed. Not much is said, but we know that whatever lies underneath Defiance is some kind of extremely powerful intact Votan ship. It is confirmed in the season 2 arc that it was intended to be a colonization/terraforming ship, and two Irathients wanted to make sure it didn't contaminate an inhabited planet.

The "Kaziri" is the reason the ground only enveloped St. Louis instead of just burying and crushing it completely
Maybe the Kaziri is or contains a defensive measure against Votan terraforming. It could be the key to reversing the terraforming process completely. Might still fit with previous theory as a complete ark may have defensive measures to ensure it doesn't get completely destroyed by its own terraforming technology.
  • Seems confirmed. If it directed or at least was "aware" of the Arkfall, it could have terraformed St Louis in this manner.

Antarctica is not what it appears to be.
Antarctica may be overcrowded from all the ark hunters and people headed there. It may just be an image to maintain the morale of the people so that they can be convinced to complete tasks and work hard. The beach picture on the postcard may look nice but throughout the game and TV show Terraformed areas tend to be infested with hellbugs and other strange wildlife.

Due to it's status as the ideal place and people flocking there en masse it may actually be a place unpleasant to the likes of Nolan and Irisa. Super Rich and powerful people from other parts of the world may have congregated there in large numbers and may exercise total control over the populace or at least dominate the lives of others there. All the most dangerous ark hunters and mercenaries that raised the money for the trip may cause problems for the people there as well bullying those who cannot defend themselves.
  • (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xcHMEyJ7S-4) The "Strongest and Bravest" of the ark hunters have retired there. In a business where people people hold each other at gunpoint and steal each other's stuff maybe she meant the most ruthless and violent. That would make Antarctica one hell of a place :/

During the series the relationship between the Votan Collective and the Earth Republic will deteriorate.
If this happened it would put a huge strain on the people of Defiance wouldn't it? Which leads into...
  • Possibly confirmed. The sudden terraforming attacks on New York and Belize could unintentionally reignite the Pale Wars.
    • Or it can actually have the exact opposite, as both E-Rep and the Votanis Collective lost a major city from each side, showing that neither one was responsible for the attack on the other
    • Confirmed in Season 3. General Rahm Tak is all but drooling at the prospect of taking advantage of the loss of the E-Rep capital to launch a drive to take over North America and ethnically cleanse it of humans. He has at the very least the unofficial backing of the Votanis Collective to do this.
      • The VC ambassador expressly states that Rahm had gone rogue, and that his original mission was scouting and providing assistance to injured. Rahm is repeatedly shown to be a violent radical. I wouldn't call that confirmation.

Something is going to happen to Antarctica during the series.
In any conflict between the Votan collective and the Earth Republic it may be a high value target due to the large amount of experienced personnel there such as successful ark hunters. People who invent significant tech for the Republic may also get rich and decide to settle there.

Alternatively something in either the game or the TV show will reverse or interfere with the Terraforming there. Kaziri maybe?

There's something in Storm Divide. (The place within which the EMS New Freedom crashed.)
(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xcHMEyJ7S-4) There's a region outlined in the video which the EMS New Freedom was flying over. This is the storm divide. The defiance wiki describes the region as having weather which is usual even for the defiance universe (http://en.defiance-wiki.com/wiki/Storm_Divide). Many people consider an attempt to cross it suicide. Maybe the region's anomalous nature is related to an important artifact inside it. Alternatively it could be related to the Volge or Gulanee.
  • Might be a instance of The Law of Conservation of Detail: If the game concentrates on this region then eventually it may yield a discovery and event as important as what is happening in defiance and the Kaziri. It would help to balance the importance of the two and allow to the tv characters to hear about something important happening far off in the storm divide.

The Volge aren't actually like the other Votans say they are. They are a maligned race
  • The other Votans say they are warlike but how reliable is this? Maybe the only reason they have so many weapons is that they are picked on or discriminated against. Their actions may be a combination of lashing out to defend themselves and Nicolette Riordon's actions. They have been introduced as an always chaotic race so early, would get pretty dull if they just stayed that way in the future wouldn't it?
    • Unlikely: In the game, the Volge happily attack anyone and anything which is not them unprovoked; whether heavily-armed Ark Hunters, E-Rep soldiers, Bandits, '99ers, Dark Matter, or the unluckiest, unarmed ranchers alive. Even if they weren't originally a pack of Chaotic Evil warmongers, they definitely are now.

Stahma is actually not OK with Kenya sleeping with Datak.
She tells the mayor about how Kenya is sleeping with her husband and telling her about it, then she blackmails the mayor. Sounds like she was just being sarcastic or insincere about it.

Nolan wasn't just one of the Defiant Few, he was the one who started the mutiny and rescue operation in the first place.
Because of his Chronic Hero Syndrome.
  • Data recorders found in the game reveal that he and Cooper promised the civilians at Fort Defiance that they would protect them before the battle.
    • A case of All There in the Manual. A survivor's account of the battle found on the website shows that, during the battle, a Castithan woman was caught in the crossfire. Nolan and several other humans, as well as several Votan, all stopped firing and crossed into No Man's Land to try and save the woman, which started the subsequent mutiny.

Most people only know The Theme Park Version of the Battle of Defiance
Most people in the world only know about the aftermath of the battle where the Defiant Few refused to continue fighting and worked together to save civilians trapped in the ruins. Data recorders found in the game reveal that they fought together during the battle to protect the civilians at Fort Defiance.
  • They also ended the battle by activating a terra-spire killing both the Human and Votan armies.

Humans and Votan are somehow related
Surely I'm not the only one to note that Irathients and Castithans look more like humans than Bio-men. And Amanda's comment that Irisa looked pure-blood seems to suggest that humans and Irathients might be able to interbreed.

  • So I'm thinking that thousands or even millions of years ago a humanoid species built an interstellar empire, colonizing earth and terraforming the Votan system (it had what, six terrestrial planets?), only to collapse. Over time the colonists evolved to adapt to the slightly different habitats of the various planets.
  • Interbreeding between species is a common enough trope in Sci-Fi to list subversions.

Not every Volge is chaotic evil
Considering there are artifacts in Amanda's office from all the aliens, including the Volge, makes me think there are those who just want to live in peace.
  • Or she lifted one off the mass of corpses in the wake of the battle in the pilot.
  • If there are, at least in context of the show, they're probably even rarer than Gulanee or Irathient since, well, as a race, they were literally built for war and to an individual, the other races wanted to leave them behind to die.

A Volge will become a Sixth Ranger to Nolan and Irisa.
A Volge deputy would be pretty awesome. He/she could be limited in regular use by the fact that repairs and energy would be difficult to acquire.

Stahma actually doesn't want Rafe dead.
She actually approves and likes Christie and Alak. But she knows that her husband never would approve of a traditional courtship so she's manipulating him into approving of it and not killing Rafe. She also knows that her husband is a strict adherent to the rules of caste and society - once Alak and Christie are married, she'll point out that while this makes Christie family and thus protected from Datar's scheming... but it also makes Rafe family too.

Christie will turn out to be a Lady Macbeth on par with her mother-in-law-to-be, Stahma.
Not so much because there's evidence of it than because it would be very amusing to see if/when she finally reveals herself. Although she didn't so much as blink at the lie that Alak protected her during the hellbug attack.
  • She doesn't seem that suspicious about a man "accidentally" falling out of an airlock, but to be fair she seems to have been a sheltered kid (or she dropped the subject because accusing your future mother-in-law of murder is never the best start to a relationship); this apparent lack of acuity led Datak to underestimate her and talk in Castithan, not realizing that a human girl dating a Castithan boy would want to start learning his language.
  • Given that she so readily rolls with Datak's lie about who protected whom, she is probably picking up a lot of cues, pretty fast, about how the world actually works, especially when your future father-in-law is a mob boss in all but name.
    • For that matter, her father isn't exactly a paragon of virtue where business is concerned. She can't be entirely blind to that.
    • Seems confirmed. Christie is beginning to master subtleties of Castithan culture and has even murdered Alak's mistress and pinned the blame on him to teach him a lesson.

Irisa's "destiny" is tied to the Kaziri.
If only because it'd be an easy way to tie all the mythology together.
  • Confirmed

Something will happen to the arch.
In the teaser for the next episode, a still shot shows a broken St. Louis Arch. Given that the Arch symbolizes the resilience of Old Earth against all the changes that have happened since the Arkfall, this will prove to be demoralizing to citizens of Defiance.
  • Note that yes, they could rebuild it, but it would still be a shock.
    • Confirmed

Irisa cares more about Sukar and the spirit riders than she does about Nolan, or anyone else in Defiance.
She doesn't seem to particularly care about the fact that Sukar attempted to STRANGLE Nolan during their fight, and risked the entire town in blind faith to a criminal she met earlier in the year instead of trusting the man who raised her. But when Nolan 'killed' Sukar, she treats him like the anti-christ. She either doesn't care about Nolan much (unlikely) or wants to be accepted by the spirit riders so much that it's superceded he prior relationships.
  • In her defense, Sukar and the spirit riders are the first time she's had any real long term meaningful contact with irathiants (cult not withstanding). And Nolan didn't exactly have the resources to provide her with her cultural and biological heritage. She's shown to want to learn about who and what she is - losing Sukar probably felt pretty real because she latched on so quickly.

Sukar will be back.
Those nanites are just too damn versatile a Deus Ex Machina not to.
  • This troper hopes so. Sukar was a really interesting character in his own right and in his relationships with the other characters.
  • A bigger surprise would be if he didn't wake up from a coma in season 2. Although, he may get bodily absorbed by the Kaziri, confining him to his Spirit Advisor form.

Defiance takes place in the future of the 'Syfy' Verse
The Artifact that Luke has is one of those Warehouse 13 Artifacts. Rafe's Pilar would be Eureka's minor character of the same name
  • Except that the invasion was in 2013 and there's a 2014 season of Warehouse 13 coming, though it will be short and the last.
  • Jossed at Comic Con 2013

Stahma is running a long con on the Rosewater sisters.
Pretending to be the neglected, abused wife is the perfect way to get under Kenya's skin, getting her to let her guard down and open up, and perhaps share a few family secrets or scandals. Promos for upcoming episodes indicate that Datak is going to run for Mayor. Becoming Kenya's lover puts Stahma in an ideal position to exert some leverage over Amanda. And if that doesn't work, she can always go crying to Datak over how Kenya "seduced" her and should be punished...

Stahma and Kenya are both conning each other
As the Madam of the Need Want, Kenya wield some non-insignificant power that Stahma wants access to. Likewise, Stahma obviously has influence in Defiance, and at the very least, it seems like Datak's "protection" has stopped, so Kenya is obviously getting something out of the deal. Who will come out on top when it blows up is hard to say.

Stahma started out wanting to con Kenya but actually has fallen for her.
Her statement to Kenya to learn how to play the game better was a subtle hint that a political game is happening but that she would rather see Kenya thrive (or survive at least) through the politicking rather than become a victim.

Randy Orton will be a guest star
Considering Syfy has Smackdown on it and Randy Orton's from St. Louis, it'd go hand in hand.
  • Maybe as a descendent of himself that happens to look a lot like Grandpa.

Ark brain nanites and EGOs
The EGO is a more advanced and user-friendly version of the technlogy used in the Ark brain.
  • Both give the host a Healing Factor.
  • Both give advice and objectives to the host when they are on a mission. EGO is just more talkative about it.
  • Both seem to be able to scan for items the host needs. Sukar didn't seem to have any trouble finding everything he needed to take control of the ark ship.

Sukar will be back when a major Ark-related disaster comes to Defiance again.
After all, that is what the nanites in his body are designed to prevent (preserve Votanis life).

The series finale will involve the Sol system getting destroyed and everyone having to evacuate to a new system. A global government will be set up to organize this called the Earth Collective.

The Votanis rogue element had contact with Earth long long ago.
This contact resulted in an Earth counterpart forming (to fight them off). The Votanis rogues feed information to the government when the star was going nova since they knew that Earth was inhabited and thus best suited for survival compared to taking a risk on other planets. In the interim, a rogue faction of the rogues split off to work with a rogue faction of the humans to accomplish some greater goal. So you have the Votanis Collective and the E-Rep who are, mostly not evil, rogue elements in both who dislike each other, and a communal rogue element who want to achieve something else.

Rynn and Varus will come back to give Nolan hell
A recent event in the game revealed there were mercenaries looking for Nolan and Irisa. Rynn will also be coming back to Defiance after hearing about what happened to Sukar.
  • Confirmed for Rynn appearing at the end of the recent episode.

Irisa is pregnant...
With Tommy's child of course. It will die by abortion or miscarraige and become Irisa's supplicant. Then it will be absorbed back into Irisa's body, making her the "Devouring Mother".
  • Well that's just dark and messed up.
  • Jossed. Season 3 shows Irisa not getting pregnant.

Stahma will become an Anti-Hero due to Kenya becoming her Morality Pet.
She'll start to see how Datak's schemes threaten Kenya and maybe more and so 'for his own good', remove him from power. Subsequently, she'll end up marrying Kenya.
  • Jossed. Stahma wound up killing Kenya.

, Gordon, and Birch are all Indogene deep cover agents. Yewll was intended to be their handler in Defiance but upon having her Heel Realization, took steps to prevent them from completing their mission. Thus there may be more agents in town that don't realize they are agents.

Stahma isn't actually in love with Datak. She's just knows how to use the cards she's been dealt to ensure the betterment of her son and those around her.
For instance, in the short time between giving Christie the Telo and giving her the veil, it's unlikely she'd have the time to actually make it. Thus she must have begun making it long before hand, knowing (or guessing) that Datak, Christie, and Rafe would act the way they did. And when Datak wonders why Christie isn't wearing the Telo, Stahma claims she doesn't know (when it was she herself that gave Christie the veil). Likewise, the wedding itself - she was the one that convinced Datak to allow it and the relationship. Secretly, she is a good person but she knows she could never openly act against the destructive (and possessive) tendencies of Datak. So she manipulates him.

Stahma will manipulate things so that Kenya recieves a significant ownership portion of the Hollows in order to provide for her and to give her protection against Datak and others.

In the second season opener, Irisa will use the Kaziri to wipe out the E-Rep soldiers who are occupying Defiance. Nolan and the other human characters will try to get as many human residents of Defiance as possible evacuated before this happens.

  • Currently meta-jossed, despite how obviously this follows from the plot so far: there's been a lot of casting for E-Rep characters who are in Defiance to stay, so at a minimum, this is not gonna happen on S2 E1.

The Indogenes are pulling all the strings.
They're letting the Castithans think they're in charge because it permits them to work quietly behind the scenes. Everything that's happened since the Votan fleet reached Earth has been part of their elaborate plot to control everything.

The Conspiracy is to keep the artifact sealed, the artifact itself wants out

So the question which may be touched upon in season 2 is - what is the artifact going to do once it gets out?

Stahma killed her fiance because she felt she could better manipulate Datak.
Not only that, but she feels his violent and sometimes chaotic ways make it far easier to mask her own motives and means - she can give an order of her own desire, for instance, that seems perfectly in character for Datak.

Stahma has no intention of getting Datak out of imprisonment.
She said it herself: Datak gave up right to his interests. She's simply stringing him along and acting like a proper wife to avoid suspicion.
  • Confirmed. Stahma has been dragging her feet on petitioning for his release, and it's implied she would have kept doing so indefinitely if she could swing it.

Datak Tarr is Tom Neville in Castithian costume.
His gambit of purposely setting up an assassination that he averts is exactly like Neville's in Revolution. Other personality traits are very similar, too.

Alak will Become The Mask.
He's going to end up a ruthless Mafia Prince just like his father.

Stahma will try to seduce Christie.
She's far too intelligent and self-aware not to realize she was putting her ahem assets in front of Christie.
  • Jossed, and Stahma ends up killing Christie to save Datak.

Stahma is a lesbian.
But in the patriarchal Casti society, she couldn't get away with that so she picks partners she can dispose of and husbands she can deceive.

Kenya is Not Quite Dead
Whatever Stahma did to "kill" her either wasn't fatal or was (or will be) undone at some point.
  • Talk about a good prediction. Kenya returns in Season 2.
  • And Jossed, turns out to be a modified Indogene agent. Stahma pretty much murdered Kenya in season one and buried her out in a field of purple flowers.

Bisexuality is the norm on post-event Earth
It's fairly obvious that, much like Doctor Who implied, once contact was made with aliens, traditional Human sexual norms faded away. Nolan's issue with being kissed by a Liberata isn't that he doesn't want to get kissed by a male, it's that he can't tell their sexes apart, and he's a man who likes to know what he's kissing.
  • Confirmed in a memory from "ten years ago" - i.e. approximately 2036, not long after the E-Rep/VC armistice - when Kenya and Amanda arrive at Defiance. They casually speak of marrying husbands or wives. Amanda says she wouldn't marry a woman, but only because she thinks women talk too much, not out of any orientation differences.
  • And there was that "Goddess of the Wastelands" fan who wanted Irisa to sign his husband's copy of the book.

Pottinger will switch to the Votanis Collective

With all his character development, and all the conflict between him and Mercado, he just might switch to the VC to continue ruling Defiance.
  • Why the Collective? Why not push for independence like Defiance was before the E-Rep moved in?
  • And Jossed, Amanda murders Pottinger in the E-Rep facility he's been living in after finding out he was her rapist.

Viceroy Mercado will switch to the Votanis Collective

He'll take his Castithan love all the way. Pottinger could then make a play to rule Defiance again, and stay on the show, by being the loyal E-Rep man who fights Mercado.
  • At least partly Jossed by Pottinger's death.

Berlin plans to blackmail Nolan

Her "fetish" for recording herself during sex was a Chekhov's Gun. She recorded her and Nolan having sex, and she plans to use that as leverage for something later.
  • This seems unlikely, considering how upfront both of them are about boning the other.

That's not Kenya

This is another freaky Indogene Deep Cover Agent plot.
  • Confirmed, though not in the way one would expect.

Stahma is not at all what she seems to be.

She knows way too much about exotic poisons to be just a simple aristocrat. She isn't. Back on Casti she was a Social Climber on par with Deidre Lamb, who slept or killed her way to the top.

Season 3
Now that the arkbelt around the Earth is gone, human and Votan will re-enter space once more and in doing so, restart the technological advances that had been left in stagnation after the Hostile Terraforming and the Pale Wars.
  • As awesome and Genre-shifting as that would be, it seems unlikely. A lot of those technological advances were on the arkships that are now gone from orbit, and there's a whole mess of lingering Human-Votan hostility that needs to be resolved before anything resembling a unified planet can be made. And considering that it was Votan tech that destroyed New York City, and the E-Rep's resident spin doctor (Berlin) has no motivation right now to get everyone to play nice, that's quite a hill to climb. Perhaps that story will take up the bulk of Season 3.
  • Looking to be Jossed, as the VC is edging towards openly restarting the Pale Wars to take over North America.

Nolan and Irisa have been Put on a Bus
At least the first half of Season 3 will focus on other characters, and they'll be nowhere to be seen, presumed dead until someone finds the buried Kaziri completely by accident.
  • Jossed, but it is true that they were missing for seven months in-verse, only to be found by two members of a thought-to-be-extinct Votan race.

Nolan was Amanda's rapist
They don't recognize each other, because Amanda never saw her rapist's face, and Nolan was enough of a bastard back then to have done this kind of thing plenty of times before so he simply doesn't remember her face. The truth with come out, and much Angst will ensue.
  • Unlikely. The rape occurred during Amanda's time in New York City. The E-Rep don't like any Votans in the Columbia area, and since Nolan was raising Irisa, and he was truly dedicated to that, he wouldn't just up and abandon his daughter to drive from the start of Columbia's border to New York, rape some random woman and then drive all the way back.
  • Jossed. It was Pottinger.

Stahma will divorse Datak and marry Rafe.
Rafe seems to be warming up to Stahma and her culture. And Stahma seems to be developing a genuine sense of respect for Rafe due to his hidden roughness such as beating Alak.
  • Jossed. Rafe dies in the Season 3 pilot.

At some point, other races not tied to Earth will make themselves known.
More precisely, races from the Farscape universe. Given the Rockne S. O'Bannon connection between the shows and some similarities in design (most notably Grunchlk having an appearance markedly similar to Defiance's Castithans, and Jool (although her race - Interon - is named) bears many similarities to Defiance's Irathients), it's at least feasible.
  • As much of a Farscape fan that I am, I have to say it's not likely. You have to remember, in Season 4, after John and the Moya crew ended up on Earth in present time, the planet soon found out about it. The aliens of the crew went on talk shows, had pictures taken of them and published in magazines and newspapers, and they went around the world to explore the different cultures. Yet, on the timeline for the show, there is no mention of a pre-Ark arrival meeting with aliens from another world, which would have been pointed out. Besides, the show also has some plot similarities to Alien Nation (which Rockne came up with), yet there's not mention of a group of aliens moving into Los Angeles before the Arks came.
  • Confirmed. Hello, Omecs.

The Season 3 Finale
In an Earn Your Happy Ending, Defiance will stumble upon another old EMC "black site" akin to the destroyed Arrowhead and use the immense collection of artifacts, weaponry and frozen DNA and animal samples to restart a small slice of "Old Earth" and improve the standard of living for those who live in it.

The Castithan homeworld was much hotter than Earth.
In the flashbacks we see to Datak's childhood, he and his father are bare-chested and the light of its sun(s) colors the sky a harsh shade of orange. It has parallels to Vulcan: a harsh desert world populated by a quasi-Proud Warrior Race. This would explain the cultural obsession Castithans have with bathing and cleanliness: keeping cool and managing health and body odor are great concerns in hot climates. This would also explain why every Castithan we've seen on Earth is bundled up from head to toe. It's not cultural modesty; they're freezing.

Zero and his father never existed.
Only Nolan and Irisa ever directly interacted with them, and Nolan and Irisa are the ones with Kaziri tech implanted in their brains. They were just hallucinations.

The VC and Defiance will end up getting their alliance anyway
Due to the necessity of having to combine forces against the Omecs under Kindzi.

Nolan's Sanity Slippage is mundane.
He's genuinely going crazy, and the Ark-Tech in his brain has nothing to do with it.

Yewll was one of the group of Votans who sabotaged the original Omec ship
She claims to "have done this before" when discussing how to board and damage one.

Amanda is Secretly Dying.
When the Omec raid Defiance while she's lying in the hospital, they smell her and dismiss her as "spoiled meat." It can't be simply because she's wounded; there's no reason that would deter a hungry Omec. Either the blade that cut her was poisoned or she has some kind of illness.

Yewll will be back before Nolan
The Omec still had one of her copies waiting in a tank in Old St Louis. Yewll's a smart lady with a strong sense of self-preservation; she could probably find a way to download her current memories and personality to that copy and switch it on to carry on serving the town of Defiance. Of course, it will probably take more than a pardon from Amanda to restore her patients' trust in her...
  • It would still be a clone rather than her. And it might take a few years but still could reach Earth before the ship.
    • This is slightly Jossed due to Season 3. Apparently, the source print of the Indogene retains copies of their memories to a certain extent, as well as copies of their personality. Kindzi, who made a copy of Doc Yewll's source print, mentions to Yewll that all of her copies made the same smart-ass remarks similar to how Yewll does, and due to Kindzi's interactions with Yewll's clones, she knew that Yewll would allow Kindzi to use the Omec control stim on her as a means of self-preservation (because the other option was death by Kindzi if she said no). So, in other words, if the Yewll clone in the tank in Old St. Louis was ever released, she's still retain the memories of Doc Yewll up to when she saved Nolan and Irisa by using the Omec tech and still retain the same personality.