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Austin & Ally will crossover with Liv and Maddie.
Actually, Laura Marano was taped in a yet to be aired episode of Liv and Maddie, although it's unlikely she'll reprise her role as Ally Dawson in this episode.
  • Jossed, Laura's role in that episode (Howl-A-Rooney) is a girl raised by wolves named Emmy "Fangs" Wulfert, who helps Liv do better to get the role on a movie Liv was auditioning for.
  • Dove Cameron along with her boyfriend have also appear in an Austin & Ally episode (Duos & Deception) as an evil Donny & Marie.

The Sonic Boom makes most of its money off of Austin and Dez (and Jessie) on the "You Break It, You Buy It" policy
Seriously, Austin and Dez are always breaking things. And the fact that Jessie works for a loaded family means that the Sonic Boom shouldn't have to worry about losses for a long time.

The real life siblings of the 1st 3 main characters will appear in a future episode either separately or together.
Think about it- this is a great episode idea. this ends up with these people coming:
  • Austin's cousins Arnold, Arthur, Ashley and Andrew (rest of R5, That would be Riker, Rocky, Rydel and Ellington Ratliff respectively)
    • Confirmed, at least Rydel cameos as an Austin Moon fangirl in season 3.
  • Ally's big sister Bay (Vanessa Marano, references to Switched at Birth would be inevitable, perhaps an Eigen Plot where sign language skills come in handy). Bonus points if Katie Leclerc reprises her role as Daphne to drive the homage further.
    • Fic idea: New Sound & No Sound: Austin want to try out a new style of music, but Dez ruined it by making some equipment go haywire and rendered him (even maybe everyone but Ally) temporarily deaf. Bay (and maybe Daphne) chimes in and teaches everyone ASL so that they can still live, somehow. The episode will be very similar to an episode of Switched at Birth.
  • Trish's little brother Matt (Rico Rodriguez, Just like Vanessa, references to Modern Family would be inevitable)
    • Rico showed up, but as a down-on-his-luck Austin Moon impersonator. They did lampshade his resemblance to Trish, though.
These people end up being the Distaff Counterpart to Team Austin. In the end both parties will reconcile. Other plots can happen if they end up being recurring.

The show's universe is actually an alternate reality of the Sailor Moon universe...
...in which the concept of Sailor Senshi is nonexistant.

In this reality's Silver Millennium, Queen Serenity had a son rather than a daughter, and there was a Sun Kingdom ruled by Queen Metallia, who, despite being amorphous, had a human daughter around the same age as the Moon Prince. There was a long-lasting rivalry between the Moon and Sun Kingdoms, so those from the Moon Kingdom never crossed paths with those of the Sun Kingdom and vice-versa, until the Moon Prince and Sun Princess met by chance and slowly developed a forbidden friendship, meeting from time to time at the Moon Kingdom without their parents' knowledge. When Queen Metallia found out about this, she was so blind with rage that she possessed a peasant woman named Beryl, who raised up the people of the Sun Kingdom in a war against the Moon, with the same consequences we all know.

Before dying, Queen Serenity sent her son and the Sun Princess for rebirth on Earth during the 21st century, in which they're reborn as Austin and Ally, picking up several traits from their past lifes. For example, the Moon Prince loved to sing, but had very little musical talent; to make up for this, when he is reincarnated as Austin, he gains the talent he always wanted in his past life. Also, Ally chewing her hair when she's nervous is actually something the Sun Princess used to do, albeit Metallia didn't let her, as it wasn't very ladylike of her part.

Additionally, the Moon Prince and Sun Princess aren't the only ones that underwent rebirth. The prince's man-in-waiting and the princess' lady-in-waiting, who were the only ones who knew about the forbidden friendship, were reincarnated, respectively, as Dez and Trish. Also, Dallas is the reincarnation of a servant boy the Sun Princess had a crush on, and Kira is the reincarnation of a princess of the stars who was the Moon Prince's fiancée.
  • This needs to be a fanfic. It needs to.

There will be a Shout-Out to Every Witch Way
Both are Kid Com series about teenagers in Miami, but a crossover isn't possible since one's Disney and the other's Nick. But something on the sly, like the other school's team name being mentioned on a background poster, is a different story...

Austin Moon is a fictional reincarnation of Karen Carpenter.
If you look at it closely, Karen and Austin's roles in their groups are similar- both of them are singers, and their 2nd half are songwriters/composers (Richard and Ally respectively, Except that Ally is not his sister though, and Ally gets a chance to sing by late season 2). Also,

The show is inspired by the Carpenters, but sitcom wise, or is a parody of the Carpenters without the sibling connection.
The creators of the show might have gotten the idea after doing a little research about the Carpenters (if they did), and decided to make one that only the old viewers can understand said reference.

Better Together's lyrics refer to each member of Team Austin (or Team Austin itself).

Dez's last name is Hatfield.
Given that his family has a long-running rivalry with a family that has the last name McCoy.
  • Sort of confirmed. It's his middle name.

The fourth season will end with them going on tour again, as indie artists.
Austin's parents buying a new box truck for the mattress store and giving them the old one as a tour bus would be a nice touch.

Someone outside Austin's ring of friends and family will find out about his legal inability to perform, and spark In-Universe Fandom-wide outrage
In "Grand Openings and Great Expectations, the senior editor of the magazine that interviewed Austin and Ally's motives behind the "A&A Music Factory" is that they are "Two popstars exploiting their fame to make a quick buck" (correct me if I'm wrong) which implies that the public doesn't know of Austin not being allowed to perform. In "Karaoke and Kalamity", Jimmy Starr reaffirms his ban on Austin's performances around several people, which leaves the possibility of someone overhearing it and making a post about on some sort of social media. Eventually, Jimmy will come under a lot of pressure from Austin's fanbase to let him perform again.