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Betty's father was a Galactic Guardian cadet
Some episodes give the impression he knows about them. Since it's unlikely Beatrixo would tell her son-in-law but not her own daughter about aliens being real, he must have been a cadet.

Beatrixo was afraid of losing her daughter like she lost Jimmy
Beatrixo's daughter (Betty's mother) doesn't seem to know (or even believe) aliens are real. Perhaps Beatrixo got over on time to (secretly) recruit Betty but not on time for Betty's mother.

Betty's mother knows about aliens, Beatrixo being a Galactic Guardian but not about Betty being one
She feigns skepticism as a (failed) attempt to discourage Betty from risking herself. However, Beatrixo went behind her back.
  • She certainly kicks ass as seen when Captain Greenbeard's crew came to Earth.

The writers are fans of this website
In "Big Bad Plant From Outer Space", Betty's crew was tasked with the safety of a plant. Sparky said he'd call it Vera and the old woman entrusting them with the plant said "With Great Flower Comes Great Responsibility".

The reason for Betty's bossiness in Mission Earth
It may just be me, but I believe the reason she is cold and bossy toward her non-space friends, including Noah, is probably because she is mainly in her period.