Headscratchers / Atomic Betty

  • At the beginning of "The Market" we see Penelope crying at her cat's grave and it seems to be played up as intentionally sad, with Penelope abducting the first animal she sees — a raccoon — to fill the void left by her pet dying. But after that, the entire reason she took the raccoon seems to be completely forgotten and she's treated as if she's a monster for taking an animal from the world and treating it like an accessory. Then the raccoon suddenly turns out to be a Jerk Ass as it intentionally trashes her room and the rest of her house and mauls her, leaving her traumatized, and everyone laughs. Were we supposed to feel sorry for her or not?

  • The theme song declares that Betty "ain't got time for pink and lace." But her costume is pink. What?
    • I think that they mean as a "normal" girl, Betty doesn't wear pink which is true. Additionally it's possible that all female cadets are assigned pink uniforms solely because of their gender. But it's true that something like "silk and lace" or "frills and lace" might have been better since both of the suggestions I posted fit both Betty's "normal" identity and her Guardian identity. And "frills and lace" actually matches the cadence of the song perfectly now that I think about it.

  • Why is it Betty, Beatrixo and Jimmy were Galactic Guardians, but Betty's mom wasn't?