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Tear Jerker: Atomic Betty
There are times when Atomic Betty had its moments of sadness.
  • In an episode of Atomic Betty called "Galactic Guardians No More", when the guardians officially broke up (before reuniting later in the end of this episode), Betty separating from Sparky and X-5 nearly made this troper choke.
  • Also, when Paloma's life source was about to be drained, this troper was shocked with tears as she saw one of her favorite characters about to die.
  • The scene where Maximus recalls how he was treated by the Felinians back when he was a baby. Seeing the baby kitten being shunned by many of them, especially when he tried making friends and cried, it left this troper in tears at least.
    • Heck, Maximus's implied abuse from his father could be considered a tearjerker.
  • Penelope mourning the death of her pet cat.
  • Another one that counts is Paloma leaving Earth near the end of the first Mission: Earth episode. Seeing her go made you really feel that you want her to come back, but she couldn't (save for a cameo appearance).
  • Another counts is the song, "Hold On" from the album. If this does not bring you to tears, you have no soul.
  • These scenes in "The No-L 9":
    • Beatrixo's story about how her husband Jimmy went missing.
    • Betty realising the man she's run into on the No-L 9 is her long-lost grandfather.
    • Beatrixo reuniting with Jimmy after 30 years.
    • Mrs. Barrett reuniting with her father.
    • Let's not forget the ending song that went along with the special.
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