[[WMG: Betty's father was a Galactic Guardian cadet]]
Some episodes give the impression he knows about them. Since it's unlikely Beatrixo would tell her son-in-law but not her own daughter about aliens being real, he must have been a cadet.

[[WMG: Beatrixo was afraid of losing her daughter like she lost Jimmy]]
Beatrixo's daughter (Betty's mother) doesn't seem to know (or even believe) aliens are real. Perhaps Beatrixo got over on time to (secretly) recruit Betty but not on time for Betty's mother.

[[WMG: Betty's mother knows about aliens, Beatrixo being a Galactic Guardian but not about Betty being one]]
She feigns skepticism as a (failed) attempt to discourage Betty from risking herself. However, Beatrixo went behind her back.
* She certainly kicks ass as seen when Captain Greenbeard's crew came to Earth.

[[WMG: The writers are fans of this website]]
In "Big Bad Plant From Outer Space", Betty's crew was tasked with the safety of a plant. Sparky said [[ICallItVera he'd call it Vera]] and the old woman entrusting them with the plant said [[WithGreatPowerComesGreatResponsibility "With Great Flower Comes Great Responsibility"]].

[[WMG: The reason for Betty's bossiness in Mission Earth]]
It may just be me, but I believe the reason she is cold and bossy toward her non-space friends, including Noah, is probably because she is mainly in her period.