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Chyna and Fletcher are Carly and Freddie's original characters transferred to them.
As Sam took Freddie for herself, before Freddie was taken over by his love for Sam, He and Carly decided to let go their original characteristics from them and let them be transferred to two children who will be better off with said characteristics. Thus, Chyna and Fletcher were the only recipients of these "lost" identities and because of this they were admitted to the ANT program and met on that day Chyna enrolled in the program.

Also, these two have the same 1st letter in their names (Chyna = Carly, Fletcher = Freddie), so it was just fitting for them to receive their new identities.
  1. Just ask yourself this, who is more of a wimp, Freddie or Fletcher, regardless of who you choose, the point is they both are cut from the same wuss cloth. Not saying its good or bad thing. But evidence of this WMG. His similarities are obvious ones, while Chyna's to Carly aren't as in your face, but they are there. Mileage Varies, not necessarily a bad thing.

The Flyna ship is Dan Signer's last minute addition as a Flipping the Bird Take That to I Carly's Seddie Ship.
Seeing the bad effects of Seddie on young viewers and thinking ahead of time, Signer knew that if ever Seddie would happen on said show, he made sure:

  1. That Chyna's friend will not be the abusive kind but more like a homage to Lilly Truscott.
  2. That Fletcher has Freddie's trait which would later become a more, respectful version of him like when Freddie stopped the stalker behavior in the 2nd part of Season 2.
  3. That Chyna will be a bit like Carly in many aspects alongside Chyna's musical ability.

Thus, Signer made the Flyna pairing, along with a Shotacon backup pairing of Fletcher and Paisley, to prevent the same mistakes that happened in Hannah Montana and I Carly, ship-wise.

  • Alternatively, it's Signer's repentance for The Suite Life on Deck's "Cailey" ship which shared some of the less positive overtones that "Seddie" also had (even more egregious since that started happening after they became an official couple)

Gibson planned on deliberately throwing the dog show for Cameron.
  1. He isn't smart, but he isn't that dumb, to not realize it was a cat.
  2. He kept ignoring Lexi's accusations.
  3. He and Cameron acknowlegde that a cat as present at the show.
  4. But most importantly, when Cameron told Gibson about his problem and said that he needs a way to make $250. Gibson mentions how the Dog Show pays $300 to the winner but says that is more than Cameron needs. Cameron being the idiot that he is, says if he wins he will pay back Chyna the $250 and throw away the extra $50. Gibson realizes that if Cameron wins, he can pocket the extra $50.

Creepy Connie is Olive's cousin
  1. Identical cousins commonly exist in the DCLAU.

Lexi Reed is a Succubus in disguise.
Think about it: She ends up dating 27 different boys in Ballet DANTcer, She brags that "No one breaks up with Lexi Reed" in SignificANT Other, etc. Or she could be the human form of Queen Chrysalis after she got booted out of Equestria.

Cameron wanted Lexi all along
In the "Antics" episode Cameron sure put a lot of effort into wanting to be around Lexi. Sure, his excuse was that he wanted to keep Vanessa away from other guys, but in the final Beauty Club meeting he's pretty blatantly dancing around Lexi. And of course after Vanessa dumps him, he immediately asks Lexi out, though not quite tactfully.

Olive is Lilith's vessel
Her name is never mentioned within Supernatural. Olive's memory is a side-effect of having been possessed by a super-powered demon, but she's also traumatized from the experience, resulting in her Cloud Cuckoolander tendencies and assorted "oddness."

Principle Skidmore is planning to kill the ANT's.
Think about it. She's pretty abusive to everyone in the school, most notably the ANT's. Who's to say that she isn't just a full up murderer? I know it's pretty dark for a kids show, but come on, she had already threatened their lives on multiple occasions and SOMEONE had to put up the hanging anvil in the music room. It is true though that she wants the ANT's around for her own personal benefit, going to great lengths to ensure they keep staying at the program and winning trophies for her. This means that when one of the ANT's challenges her authority, threatens to leave or simply out lives their use, she gets rid of them for newer, more talented ANT's.

Wacky is a ghost
Who was killed by Skidmore, going with the above theory. After all, when they took off his mask he was shown to have no head, he never speaks, and he just sort of tends to show up everywhere. This troper believes that he was, of course, an ANT who had committed crimes with Skidmore (because we all know he's a criminal somehow) and was killed by his own partner to protect the truth. He keeps showing up to try and warn the others while playing as the school mascot so nobody suspects anything.
  • Alternatively, Wacky was still a criminal who was killed by the police, which is why he flees whenever Mr.Parks is near.

Paisley will either become smart for an episode, or wise up and stop being Lexi's lackey, for an episode.
If she was smarter, she could realize either that she is hotter than Lexi, or that Lexi isn't a true friend. She might realize both, and it might not take her to become smart to see this. That said, they can also have Paisley get smarter and be cast out of the popular crowd and shunned by Lexi. And she becomes friends with Olive, again. And while they've done that, but with Olive acting dumb like Paisley, that is only one of the many ways they can run with that idea. Alternatively, Paisley can become the new Alpha Bitch and Lexi runs to the ANTs for help. She already has shown signs of potential for being one. She could end up doing more than one of these especially since they'll only last for one episode. Since permanently changing Paisley into a full on Alpha Bitch probably would derail her character. Unless she becomes The Starscream and its Played for Laughs.
  • Or they can take the Tiara Gold route, by revealing she was faking the clueless, dumb thing all along, and revealed that she was indeed, hot, but only covered it up so no one will notice.

If A.N.T. Farm had a fourth season, Roshon Fegan's character Hudson would be apart of the main cast as a replacement for Fletcher.
  • If the show didn't get cancelled and continued with another season, Hudson would become a main character in the series. Due to Jake Short already working on another series, he wouldn't remain a main character anymore. Perhaps he could have visited in an episode or two, just like Olivia Holt for Kickin It.