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Produced by indie videogame developer Rottentater, Fetus is a puzzle game with an unsettling atmosphere and an interesting mechanic: the levels wrap around themselves, allowing to fall through a hole and reappearing at the top of the screen. Oh, and your enemy is, obviously, a Fetus Terrible.

The protagonist, Aramas, seeks revenge on Fetus. However, since Fetus can only be killed by the undead, Aramas builds a time machine to send himself back once he dies. The result is various alternate selves wandering around. You play as an Aramas before he conceived of the machine, and must navigate him through the Abyss.

suteF, the remake-slash-sequel, expands the abilities of the player character: he can also jump, grab ledges, and throw a grappling hook to reach further places, or pull crates towards himself. Accordingly, levels are more varied and complex. Get it here.

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