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Video Game: Nosferatu
Nosferatu is a 1994 platform video game, released for Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The protagonist, Kyle, must goes through numerous castles to save his girlfriend Erin from Nosferatu.

The game is played almost like Prince of Persia.

Tropes appearing in this game:

  • And Then John Was a Zombie: Naturally the bad ending (Japan only) had Kyle kill the vampire and go to rescue his love. Only to find out too late that Eirn's been turned after she bites him.
  • Antagonist Title
  • Badass Normal: Kyle rushes off to save his girl and fight the suprnatural with only his wits and strength. Nothing more than that.
  • Big Bad: Nosferatu is the main antagonist.
  • Dual Boss: The second bossfight is against two apes wearing vests.
  • Dummied Out: There was a bad ending in the original game but for some reason was cut out in the U.S version. Check it out.
  • Heroes Fight Barehanded: Kyle punches and kicks his way through the obstacles, he never picks up any weapons.
  • It's a Wonderful Failure: Dying too many times changes the photo on the game over screen slightly with Erin gaining fangs. If you quit or run out of credits (Japan version only), your treated to a scene of Erin summiting to Nosferatu's powers and him preparing to make his undead bride.
  • Multiple Endings: In the original version there was a good ending and a bad one depending on how often you died. The U.S versions are all the same good ending only with the text altered depending on the difficulty.
  • Nintendo Hard: Although the player control is smooth and the levels are pretty well-designed, lack of any weapon and overpowered enemies make the game unfair.
  • Riding into the Sunset: At the ending.
  • Victory Pose: Kyle does after every boss fight except final one.

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