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Nightmare Fuel: Nosferatu

  • For something nearly a hundred years old, this film has aged surprisingly well, especially in regards to Max Schreck's performance as Count Orlock.
  • An infamous scene: Ralph Hütter awakes, opens his chamber door and sees Nosferatu standing upright in the far distance. He closes the door in fright, but eventually Nosferatu opens the door and walks inside his room slowly.
  • The scene where Shreck is peering from behind a window. Still has a scary feel to it and inspired countless similar scenes in horror films ever since.
    • An especially terrifying shot is when Ellen looks out her window across the street at Orlock's house. In a dark window off to the side there is a tiny white dot. Orlock is always watching her.
  • The scenes where crowds and crowds of rats follow Nosferatu wherever he goes, thus contributing to the ancient idea that the plague is brought by demonic spirits.
  • The crawling shadow of Nosferatu has been done many times, but still is creepy.
  • In Werner Herzog's 1979 remake the opening shots are rather creepy. We first see images of real skeletons filmed inside the catacombs of a Mexican graveyard. Then a slow motion shot of a flying bat in black-and-white is shown. Followed by actress Isabelle Adjani awakening from a nightmare and screaming out in fright.

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