Video Game / Ilomilo

ilomilo (written in all lowercase letters) is a puzzle game developed by SouthEnd Interactive and Microsoft Game Studios.

Ilo and Milo are two friends, creatures known as "Safkas", that meet daily for companionship inside a bizarre "park" in a strange world, populated by odd characters including other Safkas, utilitarian lifeforms known as "Cubes", and the haughty but helpful Sebastian, a small man wearing a bicorne and riding a flying beetle. Despite being best friends the two suffer from a horrible short term memory, and forget the way back to their meeting place every time they go home. (it doesn't help matters that the park seems to change every night.) You have to help guide the two to meet each other every day while collecting lost memories and other collectables.

The game is unbearably soft and cute, and the story will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. If you need Sweet Dreams Fuel, this is the game to play.

Needs Wiki Magic Love.

tropes featured in ilomilo: