Video Game: Gotcha

Gotcha was an early Arcade Game from Atari made in 1973, created by Al Acorn and Nolan Bushnell. It was Atari's fourth game after Pong, Space Race and Pong Doubles. It's a Player Versus Player game of cat and mouse, played in an ever-changing maze. The Pursuer (represented by a square) scores points by touching the Pursued (represented by a plus sign), and the Pursued scores points as time goes by without being touched by the Pursuer.

Although it was not one of Atari's most popular games, it did gain some infamy from its novel input device. In response to people commenting on how joysticks look like phalluses, Atari decided to make a "female" control scheme for Gotcha: two pink rubber mounds that resembled breasts that you pushed in different directions to move your character. Naturally, the Moral Guardians were not amused by this aesthetic choice. Furthermore, the promotional flyer for the game featured a man catching a woman in a skimpy outfit by the waist from behind, which didn't really help the situation. With bad publicity looming over them, Atari decided to change the controls back to standard joysticks.

Gotcha provides examples of: