Video Game: Downfall


Downfall is a 2009 Horror Adventure Game developed by Harvester Games, who have also released The Cat Lady.

Joe Davis is a troubled man. Lately his thoughts have been occupied by his wife, Ivy, as she appears to be in the middle of a serious psychological breakdown; she is constantly talking in riddles, cursing vulgarly, and belittling him, and that is only when she is not wildly hallucinating about blood or having panic attacks. During his attempt to get her help from a specialist who lives some towns over, the couple has been surprised by a violent storm and forced to pull over in a small town.

Deciding that they aren't getting any closer to their destination for today, Joe checks them in at the local Quiet Haven Hotel and rent a room there for the night. And then, things go downhill from there. First, Ivy keeps muttering about the hotel, repeatedly claiming there is something wrong about it, before she drags Joe into a bizarre argument about their troubled marriage. Joe just brushes it off as her psychosis talking, but then Ivy disappears mysteriously, and the hotel has even more mysteriously changed into something horrible, like it was taken out of her macabre ramblings, having rooms covered with carnage and debris, walls coated with blood and weird messages, and a dining room full of faceless corpses, and a strange, clearly malevolent figure stalking the hallways, armed an axe. Now Joe, joined with a mysterious woman named Agnes, must find Ivy somewhere in the nightmarish hotel before it's too late.

The original 2009 version can be downloaded as freeware. Due to the original game's code being corrupt (and therefore incapable of being put on Steam) a complete remake is underway, intended for release in Q2 of 2015.

Should not be confused with Downfall, even though that one has its share of Nightmare Fuel.

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