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Video Game: Atari 2600 Indy 500
Indy 500, one of the Atari 2600's launch titles, is a series of 14 Top-Down View, Player Versus Player or Player Versus the Clock, racing or driving games, based on Atari's earlier arcade games Sprint 2 and Crash 'N Score. Game variations include:

  • Two-player racing around a couple of track designs.
  • Single-player racing against the clock on the same tracks.
  • "Crash n' Score", in which players compete to crash into dots that appear randomly.
  • One-player Crash n' Score against the clock.
  • Tag, the player who is "it" chases the other one around.
  • Ice racing, one or two players on an ice track.

Indy 500 provides examples of:

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