Tropers / Waltzy

Waltzy likes: well as quite a few other videogames/anime in particular. And Tinier Me~! It's her favorite forum/avatar site~.

And chicks~! 8D Especially Lisztening. <3

And I guess this section is where you can scribble your thoughts about me in bright happy crayon~. :3

  • Evilneko was here to give Waltzy a permanent -GLOMP!-
  • Eternal Sonata kicks ass!! - GethKnight
  • As does Code Geass! - Aryn
  • BRIGHT HAPPY CRAYON COLOURS YAY ~huggles Waltzy~ CyganAngel
    • :O Happy crayon colours don't work, oh noes~
  • HI WALTZY/ONEE-CHAN~ :3 -Zersk
  • You brought me pudding~ I offer you my eternal devotion~ Cygan
  • Waltzy is the moe-est thing since... um... since something that was really moe. ~DYRE
  • Sup. You don't know me. -petcarcharodon
  • Hello, Waltzy! ~Fuzy2K
  • Hi thar! *tugs on Waltzy's braid* :3 ~JinxedBlackcat
  • You are adorable. <3 —a vandal
  • I just realized I hadn't ever vandalized your page. Sorry for the delay. Thanks for the dakimakura link. — INUH
  • Waltzy, you are a good reason to spend 20 years in a concrete box. ~DrunkScriblerian
  • Salutations, she who is written in 3/4. I know you not, though I find myself compelled to impress a fragment of my consciousness upon your digital sanctuary. darnpenguin