Tropers / Radioactive Zombie

You are a pain in the ass. Go away.

TV Tropes' resident nuisance.

When he's not annoying Fast Eddie, ninjacrat, or Andrew, he's alternatively whining about Did Not Do The Research entries, shitting all over entries of stuff he likes, making an ass out of himself on YKTTW, reverting natter and banned words because he's an idiot, or trolling.

Started: Earworm, Angels & Demons, Boom, Headshot!, Sound Off, Sociopathic Soldier, Resistance, Awesome Series, Special Effects Beef Up, Kick-Ass and the Troper Tales pages Psycho Lesbian, Cluster F-Bomb, Take That!, Shrinking Violet, Troll, Big Applesauce, and Write Who You Know.''

Find his crappy works here:

Find him on YKTTW or editing tropes via filters, due to permanent holiday.