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Unlike other Radioactive Zombie "works", this is solely a game idea.

Radioactive Zombie not being a programmer, modeller, shader, skinner, artist, scripter, marketer, and whatever else is required of to make of a game, it's not happening.


In the year 2026, the world is at war yet again.

Various organizations - terrorists to some, liberators to others - have banded together under one banner. Setting aside all political differences for the time being, eco-terrorists, communists, socialists, anarchists, Islamists, Christians, corporations, and a great deal of other beliefs attack internationally, growing in number bit by bit.


The only "official" faces of this faction are the Mylos Corporation, producing most of the technology needed for the rebels and fighting for a socialist cause. (Long story short, they were a ruse for this) The other is North Korea - finally jumping at the chance to inflict some damage on its "Western oppressors", and, finally, a huge political party that has swept most of the Middle East. It is called The Alliance.

The United States is driven out pre-maturely by a Civil War, with "conservatives" and "liberals" shifting the political fight from words to guns and grenades on the streets, leaving the Coalition - now led by the United Kingdom and China - to wage war.

Among the international battlefield, there is one. A huge artificial island in the Pacific, around the size of a quarter of Australia, was shared by almost every nation in the Globe. It, too, was attacked.


After a year of fierce fighting, Coalition forces are forced to withdraw elsewhere, and it now flies under the Alliance banner. In their retreat, many Coalition members were cut off, forced to escape and evade the police and military.

They are now what was reviled by their own government. They are terrorists. "Freedom fighters". Rebels. Whatever the name, they have started an insurgency to bring the island under control.


Contains tropes of:

  • America Saves the Day - Averted, as above. They're too busy dealing with political parties killing each other. They do show up, but only much later, and even then, China's done their work for them.
  • A.K.A.-47 - Averted.
  • Awesome, but Impractical - World War I or World War II weapons. They have loads of recoil or are one shot, and can't use more damaging ammo.
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  • Bilingual Bonus - Got a language? Chances are, the enemy troops will speak it, and so will your band of insurgents.
  • Bombers on the Screen - If you have an HUD (attained by way of glasses, goggles, or helmets), or have working computers at safehouses or bases, you will be notified of incoming supply drops or Coalition bombing runs.
  • Boom, Headshot! - Somewhat subverted. Going for the head is lethal, but so is the chest area.
  • Gateless Ghetto - Subverted and played straight. Picking the wrong route can lead to a dead end, if you're pursued. Unless you have some grenades to make a shortcut yourself.
  • Grayand Gray Morality - The Alliance government is shown to not be very crappy, and is doing quite well for a warzone. The police are nice, the citizens are generally left alone, and you are the one trying to uproot said not very crappy government.
  • Heal Thyself - Somewhat subverted. Minor and moderate wounds (cuts, scrapes, one or two bullets in non-major areas, lacerations, et cetera) can be shrugged off with experimental medicine, but major wounds (broken bones, "I just had my arm blasted off with a Barrett" amputations, explosions, severe burns, spinal injuries) will require you to be dragged to a safe place, unless you're wearing certain armor that regenerates your health or protects you enough (and even then, some of this armor will not stop other injuries, like broken bones).
  • Hide Your Children - Averted. Killing one will get your insurgents to abandon you.
  • Infinity +1 Sword - Depending on your course of action, you will get goodies based on it. For example, if you raised Hell and blew things up, not letting the fact that you're just part of a tiny rebellion, Coalition forces will send you combat suits and powerful assault weapons, and vehicles (and gets China to help you out more and more often). Being a sneaky bastard nets you more camouflage, silenced weapons, cameras to use, informants, moles, and so on. Other tactics gets you other stuff (example: a sniper rifle that can calculate how you need to adjust your shot to hit whatever you're aiming at if you assassinated a lot by way of sniper rifles, better explosive devices if you ran bombing campaigns, and so on).
  • Magnetic Hero - Can be done. You can convince some Alliance military personnel to defect, along with civilians and others.
  • Mooks - They run the gamut. Nice cops? Check. Cops that don't take shit from anybody? Check. Corrupt Cops? Check. SWAT? Check. A civilian Militia, filled with people that range from "I'm just helping the neighborhood" to "Kill the yankees"? Check. Sociopathic Soldiers? Check. In fact, your mooks can be anywhere from sympathetic to just plan horrible.
  • New Game+ - You have the option of carrying over weapons and armor from last playthrough. (To elaborate: The intro had your base blown to bits, but New Game+ retcons it into just being pretty damaged and left for dead).
  • La Résistance - You are the resistance.
  • Laser Sight - You can use it, but regular ones can get spotted in the dark or by enemies who see the beam under other circumstances (e.g.: it's dusty, you're being an idiot and shining it on them, et cetera)
  • Loads and Loads of Characters - Let's see - there are two people for each country involved (read: every country, except all African states minus South Africa, Morocco, Cote d'Ivorie, and Kenya). That's not counting the player's superiors, Alliance authorities one can assassinate, and the criminals, arms dealers, freelance spies, con artists, and radicals one can employ.)
  • RareGuns - Any firearm post-1900s can be found. Won't mean some will be useful. However, "experimental" weapons (such as the XM 8 and such) have been produced by the Mylos corporation.
  • Scenery Porn - The island runs all the ecosystems, and the city areas, depending on what nation it belonged to, can resemble anywhere from New York City to Baghdad.
  • Shrouded in Myth - If the player chooses to keep his head down and mostly use assassinations [and nearly nothing else], this happens. In fact, any choice gets you this.
  • Universal Driver's License - Averted. Some characters can drive certain vehicles better than others (justified. Obviously, a tank driver's going to do better than a fighter pilot).
  • Wide Open Sand Box - Go anywhere from the start. Hell, you don't even have to do missions, you can cause enough damage to force the Alliance to leave. If you have a strategy, you can do it.
  • With This Herring - Justified. Your base got blown up. Then again, once you contact Coalition forces, they will supply you regularly (or you can just raid Alliance stockpiles).

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