Tropers / Purple Catnip

Well hello there Troper. You seem to have found my page. I'm not sure how you got here. Maybe you saw me on the forums and thought "I wonder who the heck that is?" But you probably didn't and you probably just clicked my name because you were bored or because you felt like it.

Anyway, I'm a girl. In some ways I'm really girly (I love stuffed animals) and in other ways, not so much (I love video games, I love things that would make other people cry and run away). I spend a lot of time on the internet and on games, so if there's a game you want to talk to me about, chances are I've heard of it. And if I haven't, by all means tell me about it.

I'm really fond of people who use proper capitalization, spelling, and punctuation, although a little typo here and there is no big deal. Also, considering this is the internet, I don't care too much about grammar, unless it concerns there, they're, their, your, and you're. I'm VERY picky about that.

Oh. By the way. I REALLY like cats. Cats, to me, are the best creatures that have ever existed, even cooler than dinosaurs or wolves or scorpions or whatever you think is cool.