Tropers / La Femme Morte

"He looks like a cliff with fuzzy felt attached to it..."
— On the subject of Robert Pattinson.

La Femme Morte is here to waste time.

A few lesser-known facts about La Femme Morte Aside from being an exceptionally horny person.

  • She's part python.
  • She really does have Vagina Dentata.
  • She has an encyclopaedic knowledge of all things wrong.
  • She owns a lubricated horse cock once belonging to Marie Antoinette
  • She has no nationality.
  • She has a cult following.
  • Her mission in life is to force all native English speakers into spelling words correctly and using proper punctuation.
  • She was God during the Cold War.
  • She is referred to as a "she" but "her" gender is actually undefinable, as "her" sex organs are simply a working replica of the London Underground.

La Femme Morte contains examples of :

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