Tropers / Kitsu

A past lurker and only recent joiner, Kitsu is a junior (credits-wise, although if you go by years she's really only a sophomore) in a college located in the land of snow and potholes (also known as Michigan). She is double-majoring in the Residential College of the Arts and Humanities (yes, that's what it says on the degree) and English with a concentration in Creative Writing (again, what it says on the degree). She has tried and failed Na No for the last three years, and is currently in the middle of a Novel In 90 fanfiction (which hasn't been updated since the second Na No failure).

She is an anime fangirl, and proud of it. She has a tendency to go semi-rabid over whatever fandom she's currently wandering around in, which at the moment happens to be the Ichihime part of Bleach. She has bounced around in over a hundred fandoms, however, she is more often than not a lurker. However, her rabidity doesn't extend to hating other ships. Character bashing is one of the fastest ways to get on her nerves.

Kitsu is guilty—or proud, if you asked her—of punniness, being somewhat of a Genius Ditz, possibly Crazy Awesome, a future Crazy Cat Lady, selectively oblivious, an undeniably Talkative Loon, a vegetarian Big Eater who somehow continues to lose weight despite no longer trying after reaching 125 pounds (she doesn't want to tempt anything by saying she has a Hyperactive Metabolism, though, so she'll blame the fact that she can count on one hand how often she's eaten pizza within the last year), a [[Cloudcoockoolander]], Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny!

She suggested The Night That Never Ends, but had no idea how to launch it and thus it was launched by someone else. XD