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Tropers: Isla Kariese
I am an avid troper, known under several different names. This current one is the only one I can remember, unfortunately.

Another name, not used in TV Tropes, is Kestral St. Willow, which sounds more... sophisticated, I suppose.

I am also actively following the ARG, The Wall Will Fall. You can find my comments among the well-known blogs, as well as on Twitter and Watch the Footage. I'm even featured in the character page! Good luck to all!

Tropes that apply to IslaKariese:

  • The Archer: Any character I write (including the one have at TWWF's Role-Playing Game) will most likely be an archer. I, myself, am not one, though I really, really, really want to learn.
  • Con Lang: Of the original variety. "Isla" means "blue," and "Kariese" means "dream." Another older handle, "Isla Fahlia," means "blue feather." I have a lot of these, and yeah, I was a weird kid growing up.


  • Greetings Dear Friend! My page is glorious and beautiful because of you. Thank you so much. Oh, and Twilight is best pony. ~ ApplesGalore
    • Ooh, I oughta... you... I should... Applejack is best pony!

  • I think you need to...PONY UP.~Adell
    • Is... is that a pun? You dare to put a pun on my page!? ...Hmph.
      • You love 'em. Admit it.

  • Puns as vandalism... Oh deer... ~Neverslender
    • Oh, Lordy, you're breaking my hart...
      • It's what I doe.

  • Kestral, take this annoying issue by the horns and put a stop to... oh. Never mind. hello :) - Scarab
    • Not quite sure I get it. So I'll just have to pretend I do! *Laughs hysterically*

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