I am an avid troper, known under several different names. This current one is the only one I can remember, unfortunately.

Another name, not used in TVTropes, is Kestral St. Willow, which sounds more... sophisticated, I suppose.

I am also actively following the ARG, [[AlternateRealityGame/TheWallWillFall The Wall Will Fall]]. You can find my comments among the well-known blogs, as well as on [[https://twitter.com/AVermillionFox Twitter]] and [[http://www.watchthefootage.com Watch the Footage]]. I'm even featured in the [[Characters/TheWallWillFall character page]]! Good luck to all!

!! Tropes that apply to @/{{IslaKariese}}:

* TheArcher: Any character I write (including the one have at TWWF's Role-Playing Game) will most likely be an archer. I, myself, am not one, though I really, really, ''really'' want to learn.
* ConLang: Of the original variety. "Isla" means "blue," and "Kariese" means "dream." Another older handle, "Tropers/IslaFahlia," means "blue feather." I have a lot of these, and yeah, I was a weird kid growing up.

!! Vandalism:

* Greetings Dear Friend! My page is glorious and beautiful because of you. Thank you so much. Oh, and Twilight is best pony. ~ @/{{ApplesGalore}}
** Ooh, I oughta... you... I should... ''Applejack is best pony!''

* I think you need to...PONY UP.~@/{{Adell}}
** Is... is that a ''pun?'' You ''dare'' to put a ''pun'' on ''my page!?'' ...Hmph.
*** You love 'em. Admit it.

* Puns as vandalism... Oh deer... ~@/{{Neverslender}}
** Oh, Lordy, you're breaking my hart...
*** It's what I doe.

* Kestral, take this annoying issue by the horns and put a stop to... oh. Never mind. hello :) - @/{{Scarab}}
** Not quite sure I get it. So I'll just have to pretend I do! *Laughs hysterically*
*** Horns, deer... [[DontExplainTheJoke oh, never mind]]... ~@/{{Sicon112}}
*** I get it! [[ComicallyMissingthePoint You're warning her not wrestle any bulls!]] ~ @/{{Adell}}
*** No, no, I'm sure that ponies have something to do with it somehow...
*** Ponies ALWAYS have something to do with it around here, they get in everywhere - @/{{Scarab}}
*** My apologies on the juvenile behavior of the posts above me. No apologies on the puns, though. ~@/{{GenndyOdaCOG}}