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Greenmantle is a long-term British Lurker (who was lurking before The Great Crash) that has finally got around to becoming a troper (as of February 2010). Formally a Student, now looking to fight up the Job Ladder. Due to this wiki, is an anime fan, with a taste for Suzumiya Haruhi and Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, Military Equipment and Transport.

I also attempt to write my own own fiction but never finishes it, probably by spending too much time on the ''research'' and never being satisfied with what is written. Is more of a Hedge Trimmer editor than anything else, but is now become more active when he can fit it into his schedule - currently doing unexciting work, while trying to find something better.

If you are looking for the second Robert Hannay novel, try here.

This troper provides examples of:

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Yay, another Ghost in the Shell and Black Lagoon fan! -@Shichibukai

I've seen you around both the aviation and Kyon: Big Damn Hero threads: unusual set of interests that we share, no? Thus, dropping by and saying hi. —Sabre's Edge

Having things you plan to read or watch always strikes me as a wonderful way of never getting round to it. But I procrastinate a lot. - Raineh Daze

Sherlock Holmes, NCIS, Black Lagoon. You have good taste. - Stolen By Faeries

Ooh, another Nanoha fan. So: Elsewhere, there are only trees, which grow directly out of the water. -desdendelle