Tropers / Eli Gone Crazy

So, I guess you found me... No... that isn't right... uhmm.. Let's start again.

My name is Eli, and I may or may not be sane. Well, to be technical, I'm -in-sane, because I'm in the sanity. (get it? :D)

I played myself in TWWF ARG last fall, and I just sort of hung out, enjoying the outsanity. I made a lot of friends, most of whom I still speak to on a regular basis (for a given value of speaking, anyway). And, other than that, I'm just a kid that likes to write, and who has a terrible tendency to find herself in the middle of all the things.

I help a friend of mine, Pixelmage with a RP called FloatingCastle, (God, we're such creative people when it comes to naming things). I play the character Anji, and together we'll take over the castle!! *insert maniacal laughter* I write some of the NPC's as well, though the particular characters are unimportant. I am the one that writes those awesome underground missions though.

For the record, I'm a fish person. But cats are awesome too. :3

So yeah guys, play smart, good luck, and have fun! :D


  • (Drive by tackle GLOMP >:)!) ~ Scarab
  • *dodges the tackle* Oh hey there! Just passing by, but this page is kinda dangerous... Flying Glomps and all. ^_^ ~ Pixelmage