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Tofu wandered over here and thought this section looked lonely, so she expanded it. ~Her Compassion has increased.

Yo dawg, I heard you like Final Fantasy Mystic Quest, so I put Benjamin in your SNES so you can play while you play. -Kinkajou

  • Hey, I hope you don't mind but I wanted to add the correct link for Rosario + Vampire just as a friendly gesture. At least now the title won't appear in red letters on your page. Little known fact, I like Rosario + Vampire, too. {Go ahead and edit out the spoiler part of this sentence if you feel like it} Now I think you should check out my Troper page, as a means of sayin' "Thanks a bunch". Plus, it would be great if you could PLEASE try to leave a comment about it in the proper spot, OK? (Example: Perhaps there's something you would see on it and you wish to tell me you like that also) One last thing, I know life is better with friends, not enemies.(8^) -AlBundyFan365

Multitasking Mimi came to this page for the sole fact that you have a Dokapon Kingdom avatar on the forums. That, plus the fact you like Harvest Moon makes you awesome in my eyes.