Trivia / Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL

  • Acting for Two: Shouma Yamamoto voiced both Yamikawa and V.
  • Anime First: Unlike GX and 5D's, this is averted for this series, as the manga made it out before the anime.
  • Dueling Shows: With Cardfight!! Vanguard, which started airing earlier the same year.
  • Fan Nickname: Many.
    • D-Gazers are called Scouters.
    • Heartfly for Mr Heartland after he assumes a fly form after he ends up in the Barian World.
    • Nashark and Merio for Shark and Rio after it is revealed that they are actually Nasch and Merag, the 2 missing Barian Emperors.
    • Shark Knight for Nasch's Over-Hundred Number, mainly due to the incredibly obvious Fun with Acronyms involved in its name: Silent Honor's Ark Knight.
  • I Knew It!: For a long time, fans have speculated that Shark and Rio were actually Nasch and Merag, the two missing Barian Emperors. Then comes Episode 121 in which it was finally confirmed.
  • Schedule Slip: Dub only- reruns begin after Episode 8.
  • Shrug of God: The director of Zexal repeatedly dodges questions on just about everything.
  • Talking to Himself: Happens quite often in the English dub, where much of the cast cover multiple roles
    • Marc Thompson: Voices Astral, Dark Mist, and the Door.
    • Sean Schemmel: Voices Bronk Stone, Bronk's Mother, Orbital 7, Kaze, and Kazuma Tsukumo.
  • What Could Have Been: An alternate dub was created by ADK. Watch an excerpt here (warning, the audio is out of sync)
    • ADK created this dub when the rights to ZEXAL were in jeopardy, against the court's warnings. ADK took 26 episodes and gave it a huge makeover, with a new soundtrack composed to picture, reanimating some sequences, and getting big-name voice actors such as Johnny Yong Bosch as Yuma, Cassandra Lee as Tori, and Vic Mignogna as Shark. The new dub even kept in Yuma's kattobingu catchphrase. It's very unlikely that these episodes will ever see the light of day since ADK failed to secure the rights for ZEXAL in the United States.
    • Kyoji Yagumo was initally supposed to be the Final Boss in the manga, but E'Rah was created after the artist got tired of drawing Yagumo.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Yu-Gi-Oh! Wiki.

Character Specific:

Ryoga "Shark" Kamishiro

  • Too Soon: His Poseidon Wave card was changed to Zeus Breath following the Sendai Earthquake.


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