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Trivia: 2 Broke Girls
  • Actor Allusion:
    • "...and this is Caroline".
    • Max getting tasered in the pilot. Guess turnabout is fair play.
    • Caroline's attorney Leo was asked if he was on Law & Order, to which he said he wasn't. The actor actually was on L&O, playing Assistant Medical Examiner Borak.
    • Possible one in "And The Psychic Shakedown" where Max says the only way she would hand $50 to a stranger would be for a genital piercing. In The House Bunny Kat Denning's played a girl who is very strongly implied to have at least one such piercing.
  • Alliterative Name: Caroline Channing played by Beth Behrs.
  • Dueling Shows: Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23 had a very similar premise. Its pilot episode also had a plot thread where one of the roommates discovered the other one's boyfriend was cheating and told the new roommate, who didn't believe her until she caught the boyfriend in the act.
    • 2BG won the duel as its rival was Screwed by the Network and canceled midway through its second season.
    • And then 2BG even picked up one of that show's supporting players (see below)
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Deke is Mark.
  • Hey It's That Girl! Stifler's mom is Sophie and Darcy is Max - though the latter generally depends on which was viewed first.
    • Bebe, in "And the Pastry Porn" and later episodes at the pastry school, is Chloe.
  • Shout-Out:
    • When Max puts up Johnny's napkin art all over the house, then finds out that he's going to come over and see it, she says that he'll think she's Dexter.
    • When Caroline mentally counts off the locations of security cameras in the jewelry store, Max asks her "What are you doing, Beautiful Mind?"
    • The gay couple compares Max to Madeleine Stowe in Revenge in "And the Spring Break." Caroline says the premise of the show is too close to home especially with Stowe's character getting rid of another similar to how her grandmother got rid of her mother.
    • Caroline apparently knows the Fine family.
    • "And the Pearl Necklace" referenced the Terminator, Star Wars and Matrix franchises extensively.
    • In "And the Silent Partner", Caroline referenced a lot of Romantic Comedies, like The Proposal and My Best Friend's Wedding.
    • In "And the Pretty Problem", Max shuts up the hippie barista with the words "Listen, Battlefield Earth!"
    • At the beginning of "And the French Kiss", Deke shows up at the diner. "Where did you hear about us? Kitchen Nightmares?" Max asks
    • In "And the Married Man Sleepover", Caroline compares Max's new bouffant hairstyle to Dame Edna.

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