Trivia / The Pirates of Dark Water

  • Acclaimed Flop: The show was quite beloved by fans and critics alike. However, the show was unceremoniously canceled due to the high costs.
  • Channel Hop: The Five-Episode Pilot was a miniseries that aired on the Fox network (called simply "Dark Water", with Niddler originally voiced by Roddy McDowall), then that and eight new episodes showed on ABC, then the next (and final) season showed up as part of a syndicated block.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: A meta-example. The show's lavish visual style came from Turner giving the creators more money. Unfortunately, the price tag eventually became so hefty that it ended up leading to the series' cancellation.
  • The Other Darrin/The Other Marty: In the pilot mini-series, Niddler was voiced by Roddy McDowall and spoke perfectly clear English. When the show switched to syndication, however, Frank Welker took over the part and Niddler started to speak with a squawking voice with bird screech accents. To remain consistent, Niddler's voice in the first five episodes was redubbed with Welker.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Pirates of Dark Water Wiki.