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Trivia: The Gong Show

  • Hey, It's That Guy!: More people than we could list here. A partial list would include the likes Steve Martin and David Letterman (who made appearances as panelists), and Gary Owens (who hosted the first season of the syndicated edition).
  • Several people who performed acts on this show, actually became stars later in their career. Among them:
    • Paul Reubens (1976-80), appeared several times, as many characters.
    • Michael Winslow, before he starred in the Police Academy movies.
    • Oingo Boingo (1976, daytime).
    • Future Bozo the Clown Joey D'Auria.
    • Cheryl Lynn (1976, daytime), won the top prize on her episode, before scoring her one and only big Disco hit with 1978's "Got to be Real".
    • Rhonda Shear (1979), 12 years before she began hosting USA Network's USA Up All Night on Fridays. A year prior, she was a contestant on another Chuck Barris game; The $1.98 Beauty Show with Rip Taylor, and was crowned the "$1.98 Beauty of The Week".
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: The Gong Show Movie has never been released on any home video format, and only appears occasionally on cable TV.
    • Many episodes of the 1976-80 era, including the concurrent nighttime version (especially the Owens year), weren't shown on Game Show Network, due to issues with music clearances.
  • The Pete Best: John Barbour, replaced after taping five shows by Chuck Barris.

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