!! General trivia:
* Several people who performed acts on this show, actually became stars later in their career. Among them:
** Creator/PaulReubens (1976-80), appeared several times, as many characters.
** Creator/MichaelWinslow, before he starred in the ''Film/PoliceAcademy'' movies.
** Music/OingoBoingo (1976, daytime).
** Future Bozo the Clown Joey D'Auria.
** Cheryl Lynn (1976, daytime), won the top prize on her episode, before scoring her one and only big Disco hit with 1978's "Got to be Real".
** Rhonda Shear (1979), 12 years before she began hosting Creator/USANetwork's ''USA Up All Night'' on Fridays. A year prior, she was a contestant on another Chuck Barris game; ''The $1.98 Beauty Show'' with Rip Taylor, and was crowned the "$1.98 Beauty of The Week".
!! Specific trivia:
* KeepCirculatingTheTapes: ''The Gong Show Movie'' had never been released on any home video format, and only appeared occasionally on cable TV. However, this has been averted with the release of the Blu-Ray on March 29, 2016.
** Many episodes of the 1976-80 era, including the concurrent nighttime version (especially the Owens year), weren't shown on Game Show Network, due to issues with music clearances.
* ThePeteBest: John Barbour, replaced after taping ''five shows'' of the daytime version by Creator/ChuckBarris. This was because he [[CompletelyMissingThePoint didn't seem to realize the show was intended as a parody]] and consoled Gonged contestants.
* WhatCouldHaveBeen: There have been a few (non-''Extreme'') attempts to revive the series. [[http://www.gameshowforum.org/index.php/topic,28652.15.html This thread]] on the Game Show Forum revealed that Sony was planning a relaunch as early as 1995, and taped a pilot for it hosted by comedian Chuck Booms. It was slated to be paired with ''[[Series/TheHollywoodSquares Planet Hollywood Squares]]'' (yes, really), but Sony delayed both shows until 1997 to see how their revival block of ''Series/TheDatingGame'' and ''Series/TheNewlywedGame'' panned out. Wink Martindale uploaded on his Youtube page [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTXrEcpBXGk a pitchfilm]] for a syndicated revival from 2001. Tom Arnold would've hosted, the format was classic Gong, and was intended to air late nights. Sony tried again in 2003; this was pitched to Creator/TheWB with [[TheRoast Jeffery Ross]] as host.