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Trivia: The Byrds
  • Career Resurrection: The Ballad of Easy Rider and (Untitled) after it had been lost thanks to the New Sound Albums and unstable lineups, only for it to be lost again with Byrdmaniax.
  • Executive Meddling: The single version of "Lay Lady Lay" included an overdubbed female choir that the band didn't know about until the single had already been released. The band hated this version and when the song was included on their box set and the remaster of Dr. Byrds & Mr Hyde, the version without the choir was used. Whilst the original version has appeared on compilations, if the band had their way it wouldn't have done. The incident led to the band switching producers from Bob Johnston to Terry Melcher.
    • The situation eventually repeated itself on Byrdmaniax, where producers Terry Melcher and Chris Hinshaw overdubbed keyboards, horns, strings and backing vocals over songs the band had finished recording while they were out on tour. The band were outraged when they heard the final version of the album, and have repeatedly criticised Melcher and Hinshaw's meddling.

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