Trivia / The Black Dahlia Murder

  • Big Name Fan: Trevor is this as a whole. He has mentioned numerous times that he's just as much of a fan as he is a performer, and that going from being the token socially-awkward kid who was into the more underground side of metal in high school to touring and playing shows with all the acts that he grew up on plus being able to use his now-famous name to call attention to up-and-coming underground acts that he loves is a dream come true.
  • Creative Differences: Subverted with Ryan Williams, Shannon Lucas, and Ryan Knight, as they were all just very burned out on the touring lifestyle. Played very straight with David Lock, Zach Gibson, and John Kempainen, none of whom took their roles in the band seriously and (in the case of the first two) didn't practice, couldn't play their material, and didn't care (and, in the case of Gibson, did not get along with Brian Eschbach), and in the case of the third, contributed so little that he may as well not have even been a member (as he wrote absolutely nothing; his leads were all improvised on the spot because he didn't even bother writing those) and wound up leaving with little warning right before a major tour.
  • Old Shame: They'd prefer that you not remember their first demo.
  • One of Us: Despite their genre of choice, they're quite fond of brutal death metal (they even did a few songs showcasing the style, and Everblack is highly influenced by the genre), and Strnad is also a big fan of horror movies and literature.
  • Promoted Fanboy: Ryan Knight and Alan Cassidy. Inverted with Max Lavelle, as Trevor was a big Goratory fan long before Max was even in the band and had known him, Adam, Al, and Jay for some time (having crashed at the Goratory house in Natick with the rest of the band way back during their early touring days).
  • Throw It In: Normally you'd think that the music videos for their songs would be high-budget horror mini-movies. Their music videos, most of the time, focus on the band members' free time while touring. Hilarity Ensues.
    • Subverted with the video "Everything Went Black". It actually is a high-budget horror mini-movie. See the entry for Shout-Out.
    • The Abysmal bonus track "Der Ton" was the result of them fucking around in the studio.