Trivia / The Beano

  • Author Existence Failure: A common problem, especially during World War II. If an artist was conscripted or died, then obviously a replacement needed to be found, and fast. In 1939, Tin Can Tommy needed a new artist because his original one was Italian. Since Italy was an enemy of the UK during the war... contact was lost. Pansy Potter went through more than half a dozen artists due to conscription. Several characters had to be reassigned when Dudley Watkins and David Law died in 1969 and 1970. Big Eggo in 1949 and Dean's Dino in 1999 both ended because their artists died.
  • Name's the Same: The British Dennis the Menace and the American Dennis the Menace. Same name, different clothes, completely different publisher and strip, independently conceived at the same time to within a week. The two are often confused. The British Dennis is several years older than the American and is more of an intentional mischief maker than his American counterpart. Indeed, the British Dennis is rather more like Bart Simpson than he is like the American Dennis.
    • Bart is, apparently, based on Dennis. You can see it in the shorts, catapult, spikey hair combination.
  • Old Shame: Some of the old issues include racist stereotypes and reprints have them removed.