Trivia / Stellvia of the Universe

  • Anime First: Manga adaptation by Ryou Akizuki.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: After Geneon went under, this series has yet to re-enter print, and it doesn't help that the box sets are expensive. Though the individual DVDs can be obtained cheap.
  • Maths time: Assuming that "Hydrus Beta" is Beta Hydri, it was 24.33 light years away from Earth before it went supernova. Assuming that the first shockwave was pure energy that moved at the speed of light in vacuum (and disregarding the improbability of it not dispersing per inverse-square law), the star exploded in 2142. The physical debris from the explosion hit Earth in 2356, traveling through space for around 213 years, at an average speed of around 34 thousand kilometers per second or 0.11 of the speed of light. At this speed, it takes about 35 hours to traverse the Solar system.
  • Relationship Voice Actor: This isn't the only time Michelle Ruff played a character that is so good that the character played by Julie Ann Taylor attempted to challenge her which almost got her killed, and Rukia and Lirin are just like that.
  • What Could Have Been: The third part of the series was intended to explain Kouta's abilities in greater detail.